2014 Humanitarian Award presented to Morey Mechlin

Humanitarian founder Jewell Thompson Schweitzer congratulates 2014 winner Morey Mechlin.

Humanitarian founder Jewell Thompson Schweitzer congratulates 2014 winner Morey Mechlin.

Care to Learn Executive Director Morey Mechlin was honored as the 2014 Humanitarian at a luncheon celebrating the 25th anniversary of the annual award to honor individuals who place service to others as a motivating factor in their lives.

Mechlin was honored for her advocacy on behalf of children as well as her numerous community activities for groups like the Junior League of Springfield, the Rotary Club of Springfield, the City of Springfield, the Springfield-Greene County Library District and the Greene County Medical Alliance. She was nominated by Care to Learn Founder Doug Pitt. The charitable fund has served more than 350,000 health, hunger and hygiene needs for students in Springfield and 18 chapters in the Ozarks and St. Louis areas.

The majority of  past Humanitarian winners attended the luncheon and were recognized by CFO President Emeritus Jan Horton. The Humanitarian Award was founded by CFO donor Jewell Thompson Schweitzer in 1990 and the winner traditionally receives a $3,000 prize to donate to charity. In honor of the 25th anniversary, Mrs. Schweitzer added $2,500 in additional money so Mechlin announced she would donate $5,500 to Care to Learn and to the Junior League of Springfield.

“If we can put a man on the moon and survive disco, surely we can end hunger someday,” Mechlin said of the enormous need CTL continues to serve.

Citing the well-known quote attributed in English to Sir Isaac Newton – “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” – Mechlin cited the influence a number of the former Humanitarian winners have had on her career and volunteer work.

“You are giants all,” she said.

The Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce organizes the committee that selects the annual Humanitarian. This year’s committee was comprised of the Chamber’s Chair-Elect Tom Hilmes, Debi Meeds, Rev. Fergus Monaghan, Tom Rankin, Dr. Robert Spence, and Rev. Mark Struckhoff.

For more information on past Humanitarians, visit: cfozarks.org/humanitarian.