60 Second Video Challenge

Community Foundation of the Ozarks offered a challenge to students in our Rural Schools Partnership and Youth Empowerment Project schools.  We asked students to make a 60 second video that speaks of a challenge, project, or group in their school.  We encouraged the students to be as concrete or as abstract as they liked.  We received excellent submissions from throughout the Missouri Ozarks, and the Springfield Youth Empowerment Project students selected first, second, and three third place winners to receive monetary prizes to continue their good work.  The voting was very close, and we are very proud of all the videos submitted. 

1.  Ozark High School Youth Empowerment Project (YEPO), $2,500
2.  Carl Junction High School Youth Empowerment Project, $1,000
3.  Hollister Youth Empowerment Project, $500
      Stockton Teen Empowerment Project (STEP), $500
      Fair Grove Art Department, $500

Honorable Mention:
     McAuley High School Youth Empowerment Project, $100
     Purdy High School Spanish Club, $100

We encourage you to take a moment and watch the videos below.

Ozark High School YEP (YEPO)

The following characteristics describe OHS YEPO: education, service, fundraising and grant making.  YEPO members attend and participate in educational workshops at OHS and Springfield.  We spend first semester preparing for our annual talent show, which is our largest fundraiser of the year.  The money raised at the talent show is granted to local students.  We hope that “Someday”, maybe we’ll all be philanthropists. 



Carl Junction High School YEP

Carl Junction High School’s YEP is brand new this semester.  Our first service project involves our town’s new (still under construction) Community Center.  We will be helping with the move into the new facility and will be helping with the grand opening.  We’re hoping that the Community Center becomes one of our on-going service projects, and that we’ll be instrumental in making it a place teens in our community will be able to spend their time.  Our video also features a song with lyrics and singing by our students.


Hollister High School YEP

Our video is titled “Dodgeball Deathmatch”. This video is to promote an upcoming dodgeball tournament sponsored by Hollister Y.E.P.  The first part of the video you will see two young men preparing for battle.  As they gear up and get ready for a very exciting “dodgeball deathmatch”, the shot quickly changes to two little, quaint girls.  Then the battle ensues.  Balls are tossed, people are hit, and the warriors suffer a massive defeat.  The video ends with a short advertisement for the dodgeball tournament that will sponsor funding for the Hollister Y.E.P. program.


STEP (Stockton Teen Empowerment Project)

Our STEP UP video depicts our busy first year.  We have been coming together as a group and planning how we can positively impact Stockton.  We have been raising money with our talent show, setting examples for others with random acts of kindness, and STEPPing UP as good citizens.  This is a video documentary shows who we are and what we do!

Fair Grove High School Art Department

MOCKUMENTARY/dark comedy – “Gavin’s Story” is a trailer for a longer feature film (coming Spring 2010). Journalist, Gavin Clearwater, sets out to unravel a mysterious cluster of “lumps” that has outcropped in Fair Grove City Park. Viewers experience the investigation along with Clearwater, who becomes increasingly frustrated while interviewing locals who will not share or seem to know the answers he feverishly seeks. Clearwater becomes abducted in correlation with the estranged formations during this 60-second clip. A longer feature will present a more in-depth perspective of “Gavin’s Story.” This video is based on a recent Rural Schools Partnership arts grant, which funded the creation of large spheres made of concrete and epoxy to be used by children in imaginative play at Fair Grove schools.

McAuley High School YEP

McAuley’s video gives a quick overview of what our intentions are for the upcoming year as part of the Youth Empowerment Program.  We intend to target the children in our community who are lacking proper necessities, such as places to sleep, coats to wear in the colder months, etc.  Though there are many different foundations and causes to choose from, we plan to start small and target specific organizations to contribute to.  This video hopefully contains an equal distribution of the sadness we feel concerning the cause for which we are working, as well as the vigor that we feel toward working to fix this issue.  Thank you for your time and I hope that you enjoy the video!

Purdy High School Spanish Club

Purdy’s video gives a short description of our Spanish Club recycling program.  We work to turn student power into a thriving recycling business in our small community.  We currently collect recycling for both our school and our community, and our project is always growing!  We hope that this portrait of the Purdy Recycling Project helps people create a recycling vision unique to their own community, and we hope other schools will follow our leadership on this important topic! 

Thank you to the Youth Empowerment Projects and Rural Schools Partnership members for submitting videos for this challenge!  Your participation, and the quality of your videos, are all excellent!