Roger D. “Dusty” Shaw, Jr.

Shaw-DustyPresident and General Manager, Eleven Point Ranch, Inc.

Roger D. “Dusty” Shaw Jr. has been the manager of Eleven Point Ranch, located in Thomasville in Oregon County, for 50 years. He was born in 1941 in St. Charles, Ill., and moved to Thomasville with his family five years later. He attended Thomasville school until he was in the 8th grade, when he moved to a private school, Milton Academy, in Milton, Mass. He returned to Thomasville for his senior year.

Dusty attended Central Methodist College in Fayette, Mo., where he received his degree in business, and then took graduate courses at the University of Missouri – Columbia, from 1962 to 1965.

He married Nancy Boyd in 1963. They have two children: Dr. Roger D. Shaw III, DVM, and Lisa Diane Shaw. They also have four grandchildren.

Dusty has served on numerous boards, some of which include: Eleven Point Valley Community Center; Missouri Veterinary Medical Board (Chairman for 20 years); Oregon County soil and Water Conservation Board (23 years); Ozark Medical Center Foundation Board (current chairman); CFO Board (five years, current treasurer).

Dusty spends his time working on his cattle ranch and riding cutting horses. He enjoys being outdoors and is always busy with numerous tasks, many of which include spending time with his grandchildren and attending their many activities.