Finley River Community Foundation



“To enhance the quality of life in eastern Christian County through
community service, charitable giving and endowment building.”

Contact Information:
P.O. Box 1176
Ozark, MO 65721

Established May 17, 2001

Board of Governors:

Karen Miller, President
Sarah Orr, President Elect
Janis Creek, Secretary
Elise Crain, Treasurer
Jackie Barger, President Emeritus
Gerald Chambers
Terry Hedgpeth
John Nixon
Nichole Rucker
Mike Wood

For more information: Contact Karen Miller, President, at (417) 880-1875.


Total Assets (as of June 30, 2018): $2,404,412

Supporting Education in Ozark

To kick off the 2018–2019 school year, FRCF President Karen Miller presented more than $4,500 in grants to teachers on behalf of FRCF, Ozark School District Foundation and Missouri Retired Teachers Foundation on Aug. 14, 2018. Recipients are pictured below.

Renee Roussell (Tiger Care): $600 for educational activities at Tiger Care sites

Kate Stine (Finley River): $241.59 for library books

April Mika (Parents as Teachers): $419 for Big Books and accompanying little books

Cheryl Strothkamp & Nancy Kubicki (District): $326.50 for LED crossing guard sign

Kent Sappington (East Elementary): $100 for Project Graduation

Jill Widel & Cara Groves (North): $200 for Tiger Time Agriculture Class supplies

Stephanie Mundinac (Tiger Paw): $500 for an advanced set of Pre-K “ShoeBox” tasks

Laura Snow & Lisa Esch (North): $1,157 for a set of Osmo Genius Kits

Mike Juchums (Middle School): $157.86 for a rain barrel and filter; $62 for worm farms

Debbie Barnes (OHS): $559 for 20 feedback wristbands to use with CPR manikins

LeAnn Sutterfield & Jo Haraldson (Nutrition & Food Service): $154.86 for numeric keypads for visually impaired students

Impact 100 – Ozark Grant Application Information

Impact 100 Ozark seeks to give worthy local projects significant grants that will make an impact in the local quality of life. Impact 100 Ozark empowers women to dramatically improve lives by collectively harnessing the power of generosity and funding significant grants that make a lasting impact in the area of Ozark. For the year of 2018, the members of Impact 100 Ozark will award three large grants totaling $44,000, including one grant of $24,000 and two grants of $10,000. These grants are intended to be transformational, providing the organizations who receive them the chance to accomplish something with an out-of-the-ordinary impact. We encourage local organizations to dream big, think big, and reach big.

Please review the following two-page GRANT REQUEST and consider how your organization might possibly benefit from a large and transformational grant. We plan to follow the following timeline:

  • April 1 to May 31, 2018: Grant requests are accepted.
  • June-July 2018: Grants Committee will select finalists for both the $24,000 and $10,000 grant requests.
  • By July 31, 2018 all applicants will be informed of the selection of the Finalists.
  • September 2018: The 2017 Members of Impact 100 Ozark will meet for their Annual Awards Celebration and hear presentations from the organizations who have been selected as Finalists. Following the presentations, the Members will vote to determine the grant recipients, who will receive their Impact 100 Ozark grants at  that time.

Thank you for your consideration of a GRANT REQUEST to Impact 100 Ozark. Because of these grants, great things will happen for Ozark!

Sincerely, The Grants Committee of Impact 100 Ozark

The grant application period has closed


Funds and Grantmaking

Existing Funds:
100 Fold Christian County Fund
E. Dean and Mary Adams Fund (unrestricted)
Beadles, Pryer, McCoy Scholarship Fund
Earl M. Brake Jr. Fund in Honor of Bert W. & Mamie Bridges
Earl M. Brake Jr. Scholarship Fund in Honor of Bert W. & Mamie Bridges
Ryan Capps Memorial Scholarship Fund
Care to Learn – Ozark Fund
Jack Carter Memorial Scholarship Fund
Children’s Smile Center Fund: Finley River
Children’s Smile Center Endowment Fund
Christian County Domestic Violence Fund
Friends of the Christian County Museum Fund
Christian County Child Welfare Advisory Committee Fund
Christian County Family Crisis Center–Freedom’s Rest Fund
Christian County Historical Society Fund
Christian County Historical Society Endowment Fund
Christian County Library Foundation Fund
City of Ozark Employees Fund
Clifton and Carole Collins Fund (donor advised)
Cornerstone Capacity Building Fund
Cosmopolitan Club of Ozark GFWC Fund
Claude and Pauline Craker Scholarship Fund
Bill Cox Memorial Scholarship Fund
M. Elise Crain Fund
Madeline Endicott Memorial Fund
Equi-Librium Therapy Center Fund
Exchange Bank Scholarship Fund
Finley River Administrative Endowment Fund
Finley River Community Foundation Unrestricted Fund
Finley River Fine Artists Fund
Finley River Hunger Challenge Fund
Friends of the Christian County Library Fund
Chlorene Hedgpeth Memorial Fund
Neal and Betty Grubaugh Scholarship Fund for History Majors
Hanks-Wilson Ozark High School Scholarship Fund
H.A.Y. Foundation Fund
Daniel F. Hedgpeth Memorial Fund
Helping Hands of the Ozarks Fund
Highlandville-Spokane Athletic Fund
Rayo Howard Capacity Building Fund for the Christian County Historical Society
Impact 100 Ozark Fund
Lauren’s Lamb Foundation
Lemmon Family Charitable Fund
Thomas Ligon Memorial Athletic Scholarship Fund
Steven Lorenz Memorial Fund
Shirley M. McCudden Scholarship Fund
Dennis Miller Memorial Fund
Karen Miller Fund
Missouri Retired Teachers Foundation (MRTF) Irrevocable Endowment Fund
MRTF Endowment Fund
Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund
John and Culah Nixon Family Foundation
Operation Half Pint Fund
Mark & Sarah Orr Family Fund
Ozark Bank Fund
Ozark Boosters Club Fund
Ozark Cares Network Fund
Ozark Day of Prayer Fund
The Ozark Downtown Farmer’s Market, Inc. Fund
Ozark High School Alumni Scholarship Fund
Ozark Parks Fund
Ozark Presbyterian Church Capital Improvement Fund
Ozark Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund
Ozark School District Foundation Fund
Phillips Family Fund
J.H. Phillips & Jared and Abbey Barger Autism Scholarship
Josephine Plummer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Riverside Bridge Fund
Sandy Russell Memorial Scholarship for Ozark Public Schools Fund
Sparta R-III School Foundation Fund
Greg Tope Memorial Fund
Ulrich Family Fund
Women In Need Fund
Women In Need Endowment Fund
Youth Empowerment Project of Ozark Capacity Building Fund
Youth Empowerment Project of Ozark Endowment Fund

Legacy Society Members:
Dr. Cindy Baker
Jackie Barger
Margie Beadles
Brian Cathey
Carole Collins
Elise Crain
Janis Creek
Susan Haralson
Mary Teresa Hedgpeth
Joseph L. LaBarge, Jr.
Matt Lemmon
Karen Miller
Randy Mitchum
John Nixon
Mark & Sarah Orr
Kathryn Owens
Bill & Debbie Phillips
Dale & Rachel Robertson
Tom & Patti Tobin
John Torgerson
Mark Woods

Community Grants for Fiscal Year 2016

Christian County Elks Lodge 2777, back to school supplies, $500
Christian County Fair Board, $150
Ozark South Elementary, reading materials, $653
Ozark North Elementary School, library books, $500
Ozark East Elementary School, field trip, $1,500
Ozark R-VI Schools, transportation needs, $819
Assistance for families in need, $3,115
YEP Grant: Ozark R-VI Schools, IEP class, $200
YEP Grant: Ozark R-VI Schools, 2nd grade, $289
YEP Grant: Ozark R-VI Schools, high school yearbook, $250
YEP Grant: Ozark R-VI Schools, National Honors Society, $110
YEP Grant: Ozark R-VI Schools, early childhood program, $150
YEP Grant: Ozark R-VI Schools, 2nd grade needs, $147
YEP Grant: Ozark R-VI Schools, East Elementary art, $75
YEP Grant: Ozark R-VI Schools, high school needs, $200
OACAC Christian County Neighborhood Center, back to school fair, $1,000
Women In Need, $1,000
Ozark R-VI Schools, Project Graduation, $200
H.A.Y. Foundation, horsemanship program, $450
Children’s Smile Center, dental handpiece system, $600
Chadwick R-I School District, after-school program, $1,000
First Baptist Church, clothing distribution program, $1,000
Equi-Librium Therapy Center, fans for arena, $1,000
Ozark Cares Network Fund, needs for families, $830
Ozark East Elementary School, field trip, $22
Christian County Family Crisis Center – Freedom’s Rest, $1,200
Bill Hanks & Wilbur Wilson OHS Scholarship Fund, $770
Care to Learn – Ozark Fund, $100
Christian County Library Foundation Fund-(Finley), $100
Christian County Family Crisis Center – Freedom’s Rest Fund (Finley River), $100
Children’s Smile Center, $300
Care to Learn – Ozark Fund, $1,000

Community Grants for Fiscal Year 2015

Care to Learn-Ozark grants for student needs, $204,637
YEP Grant: GLADE conservation project, $543
YEP Grant: Ozark R-VI Schools, South Elementary bike club, $55
YEP Grant: Ozark R-VI Schools, OJH FACS class, $30
YEP Grant: Ozark R-VI Schools, OJH choir, $140
YEP Grant: Ozark R-VI Schools, Finley River School marketing class, $200
YEP Grant: Ozark R-VI Schools, West Elementary 3rd grade project, $156
YEP Grant: Ozark R-VI Schools, Upper Elementary FLA resource class, $350
YEP Grant: Ozark R-VI Schools, OJH FCCLA, $200
Ozark R-VI Schools, reading materials, $400
Children’s Smile Center, LED curing lights, $1,822
Christian County Planning & Development, Missouri Works Ready Communities, $256
Christian County Elks Lodge 2777, back to school clothing, $591
Christian County Family Crisis Center, utilities, $2,000
Least of These, $2,000
Women In Need, $500
Ozark High School, JROTC air rifles, $1,050
Finley River School, $649
Tiger Paw Early Childhood Center, literacy curriculum, $2,100
Care to Learn-Ozark Fund, eight beds, $840
Ozark Junior High School, handicap awareness, $1,500
Ozark East Elementary School, Veteran’s Day programming, $500
Ozark Upper Elementary, PRIDE store, $300
Ozark Junior High School, classroom “boos,” $500