Nixa Community Foundation

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Contact Information:
P.O. Box 1821
Nixa, MO 65714

Established November 18, 1993

Board of Governors:

Chris Thomas, President
Sharon Whitehill, Vice President
Leigh Hall, Secretary/Treasurer
Mitch Callicot
Paul Johns
Marc Truby
Janice White

Advisory Board Members:

Anjanette LaBellarte-Gilbert
Jimmy Liles
Kathy Whitworth

For additional information, contact Chris Thomas, President, at (417) 527-8705; or

Total Assets (as of June 30, 2018): $2,408,960


Nixa Community Foundation Community Grantmaking Program

Grant proposals are accepted according to an announced time table, and grant recommendations are made as funds are available. 501(c)(3) organizations or other IRS approved entities (government entities, school districts, and churches) serving the Nixa area are eligible to apply.

The Nixa Community Foundation has a continuing interest in supporting institutions and projects which provide vital community services; however, the Community Foundation also has an interest in:

  • Projects that provide innovative solutions for existing and emerging community needs.
  • Projects which encourage collaboration between local organizations.

Preference will be given to the following areas of interest:

  • Culture
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Family
  • Health & Wellness

While these are areas of strong interest to the Nixa Community Foundation, requests need not be limited to those interests.

Applications are due 11:59 p.m. on October 19, 2018.

To apply, click here and scroll to find “Affiliate Grantmaking Program – Nixa.”


About the X-tra Mile Program

The NCF’s X-tra Mile Program spotlights a citizen, nominated or suggested by the community, on a quarterly basis. Honorees will be chosen at board meetings.

Criteria for the award include: Bravery, acts of kindness, selfless service, pro-community actions, and Nixa-area residency. Honorees include:

Al Michel for many hours of dedicated service to recognize and honor veterans in our community.
Vonda Eckley and her family for many volunteer hours of dedicated service to Christian County’s American Cancer Society Relay for Life
Nixa teacher and coach Lance Brumley for his eXemplary quick and responsive action after a 7th grade runner collapsed and was unresponsive at a Nixa junior-high Invitational Cross-country meet in the fall of 2013. Because of Coach Brumley’s immediate response, the runner is alive and has recovered from his life threatening ordeal.
SCORE Alternative School staff and students in Nixa, for their efforts to feed the hungry in Christian County.
Nixa Xpress newspaper, for its work on the advisory committee and promoting the Nixa Community Foundation.
Least of These Dedicated Volunteers for your many hours of volunteer time to help those in need in Christian County.
Nixa Fire Protection District firefighter Tommy Goran, for a valiant act in responding to a fire.
Steve Martin, for his many hours of service to individuals, families and emergency personnel in the city
Nixa Azalea Festival Association, for their efforts to turn Nixa and Christian County into a fun gardening destination and their sponsorship of the Annual Nixa Azalea Festival

Funds and Grantmaking

Existing Funds:
Bricks & Mortar Fund
Callicott Family Fund
Care to Learn – Nixa Fund
Kenneth and Rosale Carter Fund
CW Carter Family Fund
Century of Learning Alumni Scholarship Fund
Bob and Mea Childers Scholarship Fund
Children’s Smile Center Fund: Nixa
Christian County Domestic Violence Fund
Christian County Homeless Alliance Fund
Christian County Library Foundation Fund
Christian County Optimists Club Charitable Fund
Christian County Optimists Club Skate Park Fund
*Dorinda’s Dream Fund
Downtown Revitalization Fund
Tracy Anderson Memorial Fund
Glenn and Irene Ball Fund (unrestricted)
# Austin and Leona Dunham Fund (designated-Nixa Public Schools)
Family Through Faith Ministries Fund
Frank Harding Memorial Fund
Claude E. and Etta Grace Hilton Fund
#* Jess J. Graham Fund (unrestricted)
Richard Lee Gregg Legacy Fund
Koenigsfeld Family Foundation Fund
Least of These Capacity Fund
Least of These Endowment Fund
Least of These Building Fund
Least of These Hunger Challenge Fund
Dr. Stephen Kleinsmith Fund
Making Hope Fund
Kevin “Cub” Martin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bob Massengale Community Improvement Fund
Mack Road Memorial Fund (scholarship)
Making Hope Fund
McCroskey Family Fund (unrestricted)
Logan Middleton Sportsmanship Scholarship Fund
Steven Moore Nixa Eagles Memorial Fund
Denzil Morris Family Athletic Scholarship Fund
NEF Celebrates Fund
Doug Nimmo Scholarship Fund
Nixa Area Arts Council Capacity Fund
Nixa Area Arts Council Fund
Nixa Azalea Festival Fund
Nixa Boy Scout Troop 200 Campbell Scholarship Fund
The Nixa City Employees Fund (unrestricted)
Nixa Community Foundation Administrative Endowment Fund
Nixa Education Foundation Legacy Fund
Nixa Fire District/Local 3904 Nixa Shop Fund
Nixa Fire District/Local 3904 Nixa Shop Unrestricted Fund
The Nixa Fund (unrestricted)
Nixa Education Foundation Fund
Nixa Education Foundation Endowment Fund
Nixa Hunger Challenge Fund
Nixa Rotary Park Fund
Nixa School District Teachers & Employees Fund (unrestricted)
Nixa Sucker Days/Rex Harp Scholarship Fund
Nixa Veterans’ Memorial Fund
Nixa Youth Empowerment Program Capacity Building Fund
Linda Noble Memorial Fund
Ozark Bank Fund
Ozarks Equine Therapy Center Fund
Betty Ann Rogers Family and Community Fund
Shaffer & Hines Corporate Unrestricted Fund
Peggy Taylor Early Childhood Fund
Edna B. Wasson Family Fund (unrestricted)
Pansy Wasson Memorial Fund (field of interest-elementary education)
Shane Whitehill Family Memorial Fund

*Established as an at-large fund of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.
# Denotes that this is a Legacy Fund, established by bequest.

Legacy Society Members
Mitch Callicott
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Graham*
Sharon Whitehill
Paul Johns
Jane Kennon*
Betty Ann Rogers*
Mark Sellenriek
Chris and Regina Thomas
Marc Truby

Community Grants for Fiscal Year 2016
Homeless needs in Christian County, $1,440
SURV – Readiness Training, readiness equipment, $850
Ozark East Elementary School, field trip, $390
Ozark Cares Network Fund, family assistance, $170
417 FC, Nixa Soccer Club, scholarships, $640
Champion Athletes of the Ozarks, $1,300
Children’s Smile Center, dental handpiece system, $1,500
Christian County Family Crisis Center – Freedom’s Rest, utility assistance, $1,500
Family Through Faith Ministries, $1,400
The H.A.Y . Foundation, horsemanship lessons, $1,800
Least of These, matching food grant, $3,000
Nixa Amateur Radio Club, equipment, $2,516
Nixa Boy Scout Troop 200, scholarships, $800
Nixa Boy Scout Troop 200, projector, $600
Nixa Police Department, DARE car project, $5,000
Nixa High School PTSA, Project Graduation, $500
OACAC Christian County Neighborhood Center, back to school fair, $1,500
The Child Advocacy Center, KiteFest, $1,700
Wish I May, birthday bags, $1,250
High Pointe Elementary, music materials, $539
High Pointe Elementary, books, $1,588
Inman Intermediate School, volleyball court, $1,275
John Thomas School of Discovery, sprinkler system, $775
John Thomas School of Discovery, literacy club, $500
John Thomas School of Discovery, farmer’s market pavilion, $1,604
Nixa High School, Bass Club Program, $1,750
Nixa High School, book collection, $650
Nixa Junior High School, gardening beds, $386
Nixa Junior High School, choir risers, $2,553
Nixa Junior High School, books, $171
Summit Intermediate School, Little Free Library, $468
Least of These Capacity, Give Ozarks grant, $1,000
Community Grants for Fiscal Year 2015
Care to Learn-Nixa grants for student needs, $56,730
Homeless needs in Christian County, $1,258
Christian County Planning & Development, Missouri Works Ready Communities, $1,744
Champion Athletes of the Ozarks, $1,200
Children’s Smile Center, hygiene kits, $2,600
Family Through Faith Ministries, greenhouse needs $2,500
The H.A.Y. Foundation (Horses Assisting Youth), clinics for youth, $1,330
Least of These, milk program, $5,000
Boy Scout Troop 200, scholarships, $900
Boy Scout Troop 200, AED, $1,600
Nixa Parks and Recreation, storage, $3,962
Nixa Police Department, canopy display, $700
Nixa Senior Citizen’s Center, kitchen equipment, $3,005
OACAC Christian County Neighborhood Center, Back to School Fair, $750
The Child Advocacy Center, KiteFest, $2,500
Wish I May, birthday bags, $1,500
Nixa Amateur Radio Club, wagon for trailer, $1,000
Nixa R-II School District, SHAC Iron Chef Competition, $1,750
Nixa R-II School District, radios for school Safety Team, $1,250
High Pointe Elementary, digital reading equipment, $2,696
John Thomas School of Discovery, groundwater simulation system, $819
John Thomas School of Discovery, motor lab, $905
Helen Matthews Elementary, digital reading supplies, $4,095
Nixa Early Learning Center, play safety equipment, $500
Nixa High School, newspaper grant, $900
Nixa Junior High School, presentation and scanning equipment, $1,530
Summit Intermediate School, field trip, $480
Bricks & Mortar Fund, $2,351
Nixa R-II School District, KiddyKeys music curriculum, $2,400