Accepting Contributions

All gifts should be documented to record the donor, the purpose of the gift, the type of gift (cash, check, stock, etc.), the date of the gift and the amount. Copies of all checks should be made before deposit. CFO strongly recommends that all gifts be acknowledged by the President of the Board of Governors of the regional foundation, or another member of the Board of Governors, reflecting the nature of the gift. In addition, CFO will acknowledge all contributions in the amount of $250 and over to satisfy IRS requirements.

Gifts for named endowment funds and for capacity building funds (or other non-operating funds) should be mailed to CFO for deposit. Checks should not be endorsed.

Gifts to the operating fund should be deposited into the regional foundation’s operating checking account. For the donor to obtain an acknowledgement from CFO for gifts of $250 and over that will satisfy IRS requirements, a copy of the check must be mailed to CFO.

Please call CFO office before accepting gifts of stock, real estate, or other non-cash gifts.