Fund Raising

Fund Raising Campaign Steps

  • Recruit a committee composed of a broad cross-section of the community.
  • Conduct Campaign Feasibility Study – The results indicate whether the campaign should proceed.
  • Write a Case Statement – a compelling statement of the need that can be easily communicated (e.g. help create a vehicle for our citizens to use to help the community).
  • Create a Campaign Plan
    • Select target goal
    • Choose a time frame (a campaign ending point is an important motivator)
    • Develop appropriate gift range chart
    • Work together to develop a prospect list and decide who is the best person to make the contact
    • Create a solicitation strategy
      • Personal contact with higher level donors
      • Special events
      • Seeking grants where available
      • Create a “leave behind” explanatory print piece
      • Create a public awareness effort
  • Implement Campaign Plan
  • Conduct regular reporting meetings with the campaign committee to stay on target
  • Donor recognition is important, not only to thank the donor, but to influence others to give
  • The purpose of a campaign deadline is to inject an element of urgency and stimulate the completion of the campaign
  • A celebratory event provides another opportunity for donor recognition and an opportunity to shift emphasis onto the establishment of separate named funds

Elements of Successful Fund Raising Programs

  • A highly motivated committee/board
  • A high committee/board giving level – 100% in accordance with means
  • A goal based on consensus
  • A group of key, pace-setting commitments and leadership gifts
  • A donor recognition program
  • A donor involvement program
  • An ongoing effort for future board members

Sharing Your Successes and Ideas!

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks affiliate network is a support system and clearinghouse for ideas. Board members and local presidents should “tell their stories” and share their strategic planning. The affiliate section of is the perfect platform for this type of networking. Simply use the current events section of your affiliate page to highlight ideas, campaigns, activities, and events.