Agency Partner Education Sessions

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The videos below are webcast archives of 2016-17 training sessions, which include the PowerPoints used in the presentation. Watch and share at your leisure. If you have questions or would like additional materials, please contact Matt Lemmon at

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2017-18 AP Education Schedule



Wednesday, May 9: Run, Hide, Fight Workplace Intruder Training

This session will inform you on best practices in an active-shooter situation. Many of you may recall that we had this training last year, but we thought this was an important issue to revisit and offer again for those who were not able to attend the first time. In this three-hour training, Eric Shroeder will detail the best strategies for active shooter situations. Safety is a top concern for many organizations and we hope you will take advantage of this training opportunity.

When: 9 a.m. to noon, Wednesday, May 9

Where: Community Foundation of the Ozarks, 425 E. Trafficway in Springfield, MO. (see parking map)

Who: Eric Shroeder, Springfield Police Department

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Sept. 20: CFO’s Grant Program Outline and Q&A 

View the video of this session here


Oct. 31: CFO Investment Policy Review and the Power of Endowments with Prime, Buchholz, and Associates 

View the video of this session

Thursday, Feb. 1: Cause Momentum Training

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Thursday, March 22: Fun-Raising with Bruce Nasby

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Training video archive

2017-18 Sessions

Webcast of Sept. 20 session with Bridget Dierks (“CFO’s Grant Program Outline & Q&A”)

Webcast of Oct. 31 session with Greg DeSisto and Jim Buchholz of Prime Buchholz (“CFO Investments”)


2016-17 Sessions

(All recorded sessions open in browser)

Webcast of Oct. 10 session with Karen Shannon (“Achieving Your Leadership Potential”)

Webcast of Oct. 25 session with Prime Buchholz (“CFO Investment Policies”)

Webcast of Nov. 10 session with Katie Davis (“The Great Game of Business”)

Webcast of Jan. 12 session with Karen Shannon (“Engaging and Retaining Talent”)

Webcast of Feb. 23 session with Jane Cage (“Building a Resilient Team”) Part 1 & Part 2

Webcast of March 9 session with Karen Shannon (“Resolving Workplace Conflict”) Part 1 & Part 2