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FY 2016 Board Schedule

15 – Office Closed for President’s Day
17 – Executive Committee, 2 p.m., CFO; Board meeting, 3:30 p.m., CFO
26 – Poverty Collaborative Grant proposals due

16 – Executive committee, 11:45 a.m., CFO
18 – CFO-selected scholarship applications due, 5 p.m.
25 – Coover Place Based/Ozark Teacher Corps applications due
29 – Poverty Grant announcement, time and location TBA
31 – Weaver grant applications due

19 – Affiliate Conference, time and location TBA
20 – Executive Committee, 2:30 p.m, CFO; Board Meeting, 3:30 p.m., CFO
26 – Investment Advisory Board, 9 a.m., CFO
26 – Funders Forum, 11:45 a.m., CFO

3 – Give Ozarks Day, midnight to midnight
18 – Executive Committee, 11:45 a.m., CFO
20 – Field of interest grants due
30 – Office Closed for Memorial Day

9 – Donor Dinner, time and location TBA
15 – Executive committee, 2:30 p.m., CFO; Board meeting, 3:30 p.m., CFO


Quarterly Performance Report

Latest quarterly performance report (Dec. 31, 2015)


Transfer of Wealth Study
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CFO Annual Report
The Annual Report for CFO’s Fiscal Year 2012 has been published and is now available online.

Click here to view the FY 2014 Annual Report
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FY 2014 Audit Report

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FY 2014 IRS Form 990

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Other Resources

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Staff Directory

Judith Billings: Scholarship Coordinator
Judy is responsible for the administration of all scholarships for the Foundation: awarding recipients, validating documentation, renewal adherence, and disbursement of funds to educational institutions of higher learning throughout the country. Judith is also Staff Designate for the CFO-Selected Scholarship Committee, and is responsible for all Scholarship entries on the CFO website and ScholarrSelect, the online Application program.
Direct phone line: 417-447-5364
E-mail Judy

Michael Chatman: Senior Vice President of Philanthropy and Regional Community Partnerships

Michael leads CFO’s network of 46 affiliate regional foundations, comprised of more than 400 volunteer board members, in charitable fund establishment, community leadership and board development. Michael has a bachelor’s degree from Missouri State University and a master’s degree in philanthropy and development from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. He completed Harvard Business School’s Social Entrepreneurship Program in June 2010.

Direct phone line: 417-447-5370
E-mail Michael

Bridget Dierks: Grants Program Officer
Bridget is responsible for the development and operation of grant programming through the Metropolitan Springfield and Coover Regional grant programs, as well as Field of Interest , Arts Programming Sustainability, Historic Preservation, Ripley Butler Clay grants for the arts, and the Weaver orthodontic and Webster County dental funds. She is staff liaison or the grant review panels mentioned above. She coordinates activities resulting from grant outcomes. She also directs the Youth Empowerment Project of the Ozarks, which focuses on youth philanthropy in the southern tier of Missouri.
Direct phone line: 417-447-5360
E-mail Bridget

Brian Fogle: President and CEO
Brian is the chief executive office of the organization. He is responsible to the Board of Directors  to carry out the mission and action plan of the CFO. He is also responsible for the training and supervision of staff, interpretation of policies and procedures, and long-range planning.  He has primary staffing responsibility for the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, the Missions-Related Investment Committee, and the Governance Committee.
Direct phone line: 417-447-5357
E-mail Brian

Susanne Gray: Chief Financial Officer
Suzy is responsible for CFO’s accountings systems, internal controls, and financial reporting. She is the staff liaison for the Investment Advisory Board and Audit/Operations Committee. She coordinates and provides materials for the annual audit and tax return. Suzy prepares and monitors the budgets for operations and grantmaking and oversees the Foundation’s risk management including: data retention, software and hardware systems, and procurement of insurance. She administers employee payroll and benefit programs, which include retirement plan, cafeteria plan, medical and dental coverage plans.
Direct phone line: 417-447-5363
E-mail Suzy

Beth Hersh: Office Administrator

Beth is responsible for the daily processing of grants and distributions, as well as new fund development and tracking in collaboration with the Development Operations Officer, Executive Vice President, and Director of Nonprofit Services.  Beth also assists with necessary information and correspondence for Professional Advisors Council, Agency Partners, and donors.  Data and documentation entry are also part of her key responsibilities.

Direct phone line:  417-864-6199
E-mail Beth

Winter S. Kinne: Assistant Vice President of Donor Development and Operations
Winter is the contact for all advised funds at CFO, oversees the fund establishment process and coordinates the regional affiliate program. Winter is also the main contact for planned giving activities, including the Legacy Society and Professional Advisors Council. She also heads the Ozarks Charitable Real Estate Foundation.
Direct phone line: 417-447-5358
E-mail Winter

Louise Knauer: Senior Vice President, Communications & Marketing
Louise is responsible for overall direction of the CFO’s communications and marketing, including news releases, print newsletters, brochures, e-newsletters, the annual report, CFO/RSP/Arts/Joplin websites, social media sites, affiliate marketing assistance, radio and video projects. This also includes helping with Board meeting preparation and communication. Communications also is responsible for coordinating special events with other staff members, such as conferences, the annual donor dinner and grant presentations. Louise has worked closely with other staff members on the Joplin Recovery Fund.

Direct phone line: 417-447-5365
E-mail Louise

Julie Leeth: Executive Vice President
Julie coordinates the Rural Schools Partnership program and the Ozarks Teacher Corps. She works to build long term assets for rural communities and their schools through the establishment of education foundations and school-related funds. Julie supervises the CFO’s programming area which includes grants, scholarships and the Youth Empowerment Project. She also works with CFO’s nonprofit Agency Partners in programming, education, and fund development.
Direct phone line: 417-447-5356
E-mail Julie

Matt Lemmon: Media Director
Matt is responsible for day-to-day maintenance, monitoring and updating of the CFO and RSP websites, all organizational social media accounts, and monitoring of regional media for CFO-related press. In conjunction with Louise Knauer, Matt coordinates CFO events and presentations and helps develop and/or produce all CFO print materials, including newsletters, annual report and special projects.
Direct phone line: 417-447-5362
E-mail Matt

Brianne McCormick: Assistant Vice President of Accounting
Brianne is responsible for maintaining the Foundation’s core asset accounts. She prepares daily deposits, approves transfers between accounts, initiates wires and ACH’s, calculates administrative fees, distributes investment activity monthly, and assists with quarterly rebalancing of CFO’s diversified portfolio. She produces fund statements and is responsible for the calculation and disbursement of automatic monthly distributions. She assists with the annual audit and attends Investment Advisory Board and Audit Operations Committee meetings.
Direct phone line: 417-447-5366
E-mail Brianne

Clayton Perkins: Accounting Assistant

Clayton is responsible for the processing of all gifts that are received by the Foundation, profiling and acknowledging donors, being the first point of contact for any and all technology issues, and assisting with communication or inquiries regarding accounting matters.  Duties also include welcoming/greeting donors, receiving cash and checks, assisting VP of Accounting in processing monthly accounting activity for all funds, assisting with the coding of funds, assisting with the preparation of monthly/quarterly/annual statements, and assisting with the Foundation’s annual audit.

Direct Phone Line: 417-447-5369

E-mail Clayton

Moe Sandfort: Senior Advisor of Philanthropy, East Region

Moe is developing the East Region of Missouri and his primary responsibilities include serving as a primary resource for donors, agency partners, and affiliates in the Southeast Missouri.  He has been active in many foundation boards and committees in Cape Girardeau and recognizes the benefits available through the Community Foundation of the Ozarks to provide strategic planning, organizing, and leadership to help create capital campaigns and fund raising events.  There are many individuals and companies in Southeast Missouri that are looking provide a legacy for cities, public schools, and permanent endowment funds for the many long term needs in this part of Missouri.  Contact the Community Foundation in Cape Girardeau by calling Moe at 573-979-4277.

E-mail Moe

Carol Silvey: Senior Associate for Advancement, South Central Regional Office
Carol represents CFO in the satellite office located in West Plains, Missouri. Her primary responsibility is to serve as a resource for donors, agency partners, and affiliates in a seven-county region in south central Missouri. Much of Carol’s recent work has been to help rural schools establish foundations in order to maintain quality public education through private giving. In addition, she has assisted some agency partners in capital campaigns and strategic planning.
Direct phone line:
E-mail Carol

Kate Starkey: Finance Administrator
As part of our finance team, Kate is is responsible for recording gifts into the daily receipt log, the editing and printing of grants each day as needed, weekly entering/editing/printing of CFO bills, monthly reconciling of 39 affiliate checking accounts, and reconciling of the 23 Outside Managed Accounts each month. Our newest member of the staff, Kate will also soon be taking over financial oversight of CFO’s Mission-Related Investment projects.
Direct phone line: 417-447-5357
E-mail Kate

Alice Wingo: West Region & Affiliate Operations Manager

As the  West Region & Affiliate Operations Manager, Alice provides operational support to CFO’s network of 45 affiliate community foundations, supporting their work to increase charitable giving in their communities, enhance their roles as community leaders, and assist with their grant-making. Alice manages a territory consisting of 11 affiliate community foundations; and maintains responsibility for all administrative aspects of development for Community Foundation of the Ozarks network of 45 affiliate community foundations. Alice supports the work of the affiliates by ensuring they have the tools to develop and carry out strategic goals, provides grant administration support, training, and technical support. During regular visits Alice supports the work of the affiliate boards to increase local grant-making dollars. Alice coordinates the annual Affiliate Conference and Affiliate Regional Meetings.

E-mail Alice