CFO awards $175K in education & community development grants

Community Foundation of the Ozarks presented grants totaling $175,000 to 15 community agencies today through its Metropolitan Springfield Grantmaking Program. This grant round was extremely competitive. CFO received 31 applications representing more than $500,000 in requests.

Ranging from $1,800 to $35,000, the grants focused on the areas of education and community development. $158,510 went to projects focusing on education and $16,490 to community development projects. Of the total awarded, $168,530 went to projects that are part of the Foundation-led Grantmaker’s Challenge for Children five-year initiative that directly address the challenges facing youth as identified in the Community Focus report. For a complete list of recipients and a brief description of each project funded, click on the “read more” link.

Community Partnership of the Ozarks

is awarded a grant of $21,600.00 for their “CASH” financial literacy program which includes classes in budgeting and financial planning, as well as how to better access community services. The program will serve some 110 low-income families in the Springfield area, with grant funds providing for supplies and equipment, stipends, marketing, literacy resources and child care.

Drury University – School of Education & Child Development
receives a grant of $35,000.00 to create practical career-planning opportunities for students at Pipkin Middle School & Central High School — to support them in considering the possibility of college, as a part of their future. The grant funds will provide for the ACT test course, financial aid sessions, college and business tours, Student/Parent night events and academic incentives.

East Grand Community Services
is awarded a grant of $6,750.00 to provide morning and after-school support services to students in Bingham Elementary; and beginning August 2008, Pittman Elementary. The grant funds will provide scholarship assistance for children attending the program, which includes quality educational, social and recreational activities.

Family Literacy Centers of Springfield, Inc.
receives a grant of $32,000.00 to address reading and math literacy in at-risk, racially and ethnically-diverse children and adults. This agency, newly formed in 2007, works closely with Springfield Public Schools and the Springfield Community Center to promote education awareness to the students and parents they serve. The grant funds will be utilized for books, programming, administrative and teacher salaries.

Logan-Rogersville Educational Foundation
receives a grant of $5,850.00 to address dropout issues by implementing “Jumpstart” – a life-skills class that promotes “Succeeding in High School.” The classes support students in remaining in school, with the goal of becoming graduates. The grant includes funds for WEB design, field trips, and stipends.

Ozarks Literacy Council
is awarded a grant of $3,710.00 to address literacy in low-income, racially and ethnically diverse children. This grant partners with the Family Literacy Center, MSU, the Springfield Community Center, and the Boys & Girls Club – Musgrave Unit, through “Books Come Alive.” Grant funds will be utilized for books, support materials, and program development.

Ozarks Technical Community College Foundation
receives a grant of $18,500.00 to join with the Springfield Public Schools in furthering their collaboration on a “Middle College,” the first model of its kind in Missouri. “Middle College” will provide opportunities for marginalized students to learn job-readiness skills for a more successful transition into the workforce; and/or, have greater access to post-secondary education. The grant will fund Work Stations, career texts, marketing, equipment, student incentives, and parent/student orientation sessions.

Reed Middle School
is awarded a grant of $11,000.00 to increase attendance at Reed Middle School through “CHAMPs” – a program for building positive skills toward making the transition from elementary to middle school. Grant funds will be utilized for a training retreat, stipends, supplies, and transportation.

Springfield Public Schools
receives a grant of $14,000.00 to raise the community awareness of the importance of attendance toward the goal of graduation. * Nine organizations are joining in the “Be in School” campaign. Grant funds will provide for marketing, promotional banners, and special incentives to Title I schools.

Greene County Family Dependency Treatment Court – Tech/Capacity
is awarded a grant of $2,650.00 for expanding their “KIPS” treatment program (Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale) which addresses the maltreatment of children due to parental substance abuse, primarily methamphetamine. This program aids in measuring parenting behaviors, tracks progress, and assesses outcomes of parenting interventions. Grant funds will provide for KIPS training and recertification, workbooks and equipment.

Junior Achievement – Ozarks District – Tech / Capacity
receives a grant of $2,780.00 to impart economic and business fundamentals to students. These grant funds are designated for the programming in Title I schools, for 100 student curriculum kits.

The Kitchen, Inc.
is awarded a grant of $4,670.00 to implement an organization-wide, crisis training program for employees. The “Mandt System” will train an initial 85 employees, with grant funds providing for instructor certification, manuals and a digital projector. This program will be on-going, as those originally trained will continue to educate all employees.

*The following Community Development grants, representing $14,690.00, are part of CFO’s commitment to address children’s “red flag” issues in cooperation with the “Grant Makers’ Challenge for Children”:

Urban Neighborhoods Alliance
is awarded a grant of $12,000.00 to help rebuild older neighborhoods, by providing incentives for Title I teachers to live in the neighborhoods where they teach. The grant funds are to provide down payment assistance for housing.

Down Syndrome Group of the Ozarks – Tech /Capacity
receives a grant of $2,690.00 toward developing professional literature to build a network of support for individuals with Down syndrome & their families. The grant will fund Website development, booklet design and printing.

Missouri State University’s – GO LEAD program – Tech/Capacity
is awarded a grant of $1,800.00 to create a seminar based on the book, Forces for Good. GO LEAD offers quality, professional development and networking opportunities for non-profits in the Springfield area. This grant award will go toward the seminar’s bringing one of the authors of Forces for Good, as guest speaker for the event.

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