2019–20 Metropolitan Springfield Grants

The Metropolitan Springfield Grantmaking Program offers these grant cycles. Read below for specifics and click the gray bar to apply for any of the rounds listed.

If you need additional information after reviewing the following information on each grant cycle, please contact Bridget Dierks.

Metropolitan Springfield Collective Impact Grants

A total of $120,000 is available in the Metropolitan Springfield Collective Impact Grant program, with awards capped at $30,000. The Community Foundation of the Ozarks is committed to achieving positive impact with regard to the Red Flag issues addressed in the Community Focus Report for Springfield-Greene County. Addressing one component of a large-scale issue, however, is not effective without also working in tandem on other aspects of that community challenge.

Springfield-Greene County Diversity and Inclusion Grant Program

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks is committed to achieving positive impact with regard to issues of diversity, inclusion and equity in the Springfield-Greene County community. Ideal candidates for the Springfield-Greene County Diversity and Inclusion Grant Program will work to bring awareness of issues of diversity and inclusion to public light while impacting and improving the quality of life for individuals that are under-served and underrepresented. Organizations which work to build partnerships with others within the community will be given priority. Ideal candidates will positively impact individuals within under-served and underrepresented individuals while also improving community awareness about issues of diversity and inclusion.

A total of $80,000 is available in the Springfield-Greene County Diversity and Inclusion Grant Program, with awards capped at $20,000.

Springfield-Greene County Senior Issues

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks Springfield-Greene County Senior Issues grant program is a collaborative project with the Greene County Senior Services’ Tax Fund Board.  Requested program support should be designed to effectively enhance and improve the health, nutrition and quality of life of persons in Greene County aged 60 and older. Quantitative outcome improvements for existing programming or proposed program outcome goals for new programming would be included with successful proposal requests. The deadline for this grant round is ongoing, with proposals reviewed every two months.

To learn more about this grant program and to view the application, visit the Greene County Senior Citizens’ Services Fund page.

Early Childhood Education and Literacy Initiative

The CFO and the Darr Family Foundation have awarded this grant to The Every Child Promise and partners. It is in year three of five of funding; a new recipient will not be selected this year.

For questions about this program, contact Heather Zoromski, Executive Director of the Darr Family Foundation at hzoromski@darrfbc.com or 417-888-1495.

Arts and Culture Grant Program

Community Foundation of the Ozarks is proud to partner with the Springfield Regional Arts Council through the Springfield Greene County Arts and Culture Grant Program. The Arts and Culture grant program provides funding support, collaborative partnership opportunities, and program assistance for nonprofit arts and cultural organizations that are members of the Springfield Regional Arts Council.

Proposals will be accepted from either existing or emerging, community focused arts or cultural agencies which, for purposes of eligibility, are defined as newly formed or existing organizations that may be re-structuring, re-branding, or re-defining their artistic or cultural missions. Member agencies that have previously received Category 1 or Category 2 support may re-apply.