CFO’s 2018 Board of Directors

The CFO owes a great debt to its volunteer leaders, both past and present, for their leadership over the last 45 years. These are the individuals who will guide the foundation during the 2018-19 fiscal year.


Robin Walker, Chair, Monett

Abram McGull III, Vice Chair, Springfield

Rhonda Christopher, Treasurer, Springfield

Ron Penney, Secretary, Springfield

Morey Mechlin, At-Large, Springfield

Jim Holt, At-Large, Reeds Spring

Randy Howard, IAB Chair, Aurora

Jeff Schrag, Chair Emeritus, Springfield

Don Davis, Springfield

Mitch Holmes, Branson

Debbie Shantz Hart, Springfield

Ron Kraettli, Hermann

Susan Krauss, Perryville

Kathy Lasley, Cuba

Jared Lightle, Joplin area

Robin Morgan, West Plains

Megan Morris, Springfield

Kelly Parson, Bolivar

Gary Powell, Springfield

Marvin Silliman, Sunrise Beach

Jean Twitty, Springfield