CFO Announces New Cultural Investment Fund

The Community Foundation’s Cultural Investment Fund is a revolving low-interest loan program to help Springfield-Greene County arts and cultural organizations pay advance costs for performances and exhibits.

The CFO Cultural Investment Fund offers loans of $1,000 to $20,000 to non-profit groups to help cover the down-payment costs associated with booking major performers, shows or exhibits. The loans carry a 4 percent interest rate, are designed to be re-paid by ticket proceeds, sponsorship funds, or other income raised by the event.

A CFO-appointed committee will review and approve all applications. The Fund will be open to all eligible Springfield-Greene County 501(c)3 agencies, but each participant will be required to make a one-time investment of $2,500 into the fund in order to submit applications. The CFO’s initial investment will be $50,000.

The Cultural Investment Fund is the second component of the CFO’s Mission-Related Investment Program. The CFO Board of Directors created this program in 2009 to commit up to 2 percent of the CFO’s assets for community investment. The program represents the CFO’s commitment to the “double-bottom line” of investing in enterprises that produce both financial and social returns for Ozarks communities, instead of investing assets solely in financial markets.