Investment Policy of CFO

As stewards of charitable assets, it is our responsibility to meet not only current needs, but also the long-term needs of the communities we serve.

CFO’s capacity to serve its communities is directly tied to its ability to preserve and enhance its financial assets. To ensure that the Foundation’s goals are met, we have investment policies and guidelines that provide for prudent asset management.

The responsibility for managing the Foundation’s investment portfolio is vested in the Foundation’s Board of Directors through its Investment Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB, comprised of people knowledgeable in the investment field, oversees the investment activities of the Foundation. The IAB is assisted by the national consulting firm of Prime Buchholz.

The Foundation’s primary investment goal is to maximize long-term total return within levels of risk set by the IAB.

Diversification of investments is one of the IAB’s primary strategies for fulfilling the Foundation’s responsibilities. Because the selection and weighting of asset classes is one of the primary determinants of both investment return and volatility, our asset allocation is considered and monitored by the IAB. The portfolio is rebalanced to the target percentages quarterly.

Please know that the Board of Directors, the Investment Advisory Board and the staff at Community Foundation of the Ozarks are wholly committed to the stewardship of our charitable funds.

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