Finley River Community Foundation Makes $1,134 Grant


The Finley River Community Foundation on Friday afternoon made a $1,134 grant to the Children’s Smile Center from the FRCF’s Cornerstone Capacity Building Fund. The gift was made in memory of Blanche Berbereia, an aunt of foundation board member Elise Crain. Children’s Smile Center was chosen because Blanche “wanted her memorial gifts to benefit children and the Children’s Smile Center for the dental needs of Christian County children,” Crain said.

Pictured (from left) Jackie Barger, Executive Director, Children’s Smile Center; Joe Berbereia (Blanche’s son), Randy Carey and Rick Wallace, Empire District Electric Company; Tony Berbereia (Blanche’s son, green shirt); Jeremy Berbereia (son of Debbie and Tony, grandson of Blanche, blue shirt); Parker, Jeremy’s son, Debbie Berbereia (red and black); Jerrie Lundh (sister to Judy Berbereia); Judy Berbereia (married to Joe, green shirt, nice smile); Elise Crain, nephew Tom Crain.