Fogle Becomes Chairman of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce

CFO President Brian Fogle was installed as the new Chairman of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, pledging an emphasis on job creation through advocacy and growth opportunities for business.

Fogle outlined the Chamber’s action plan for the coming year at the Chamber’s annual banquet Friday night at the University Plaza Convention Center where Gordon Elliott was honored as the 2013 Springfieldian for his contributions as a Springfield CPA, former Missouri State University governor and treasurer for a number of successful civic ballot measures.

Fogle said the Chamber will focus on job creation through several initiatives. One includes a talent-attraction effort that will support diversity, encourage an entrepreneurial culture and identify emerging workforce needs. A second initiative will promote business through advocacy on selected candidate and ballot initiatives, and supporting legislative partnerships.

The third goal focused on helping its members grow their businesses through education, resources, networking and celebrating success. The majority of Springfield businesses fall into the small business category of 50 or fewer employees, so information and skill training is a logical priority.



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