Humanitarian of the Year Criteria

Humanitarian Award

made possible by

Jewell Thompson Schweitzer

In 1989, Jewell Thompson Schweitzer established the HUMANITARIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD FUND within the Community Foundation of the Ozarks as an endowment fund with the purpose of recognizing Humanitarianism in our community by selecting each year someone from Southwest Missouri demonstrating humanitarianism and providing a cash award to be divided between the humanitarian and the charities of his/her choice.  Others are encouraged to contribute to the fund as well.  The Chamber of Commerce was asked to participate by organizing the selection committee, which is composed of three members of the clergy and three knowledgeable community leaders, under the direction of the Chairman-Elect of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  Nominations for the award are sought in writing from community charitable and leadership organizations and community leaders.  Each nomination may also be accompanied by letters of support from no more than two additional persons who are personally familiar with, and can support in writing, the humanitarian deeds of the nominee.



A Humanitarian can be defined as an individual who has the courage to take decisive action needed, the wisdom to face aggressive challenges, and the willingness to sacrifice to affect these causes that have a long term impact on the betterment of the community.



The selection committee shall consider:

all people in Southwest Missouri, regardless of age, race, sex or religion and shall also consider any recommendations from the general public;

… the visibility of the cause or the person in the community so that others will be inspired by their humanitarian activities;

… that the person may be a volunteer or an employed person, and if employed, the quality of the humanitarian effort shall exceed that called for by the position;

… that because the award recognizes the human factor in humanitarianism, the quality of the recipient’s personal involvement with others in need of assistance or support will be carefully considered.