Lockwood Receives $10,000 Cooper Phase II Challenge Grant

Lockwood Cooper Phase II 10-10

Lockwood Superintendent Bill Rogers, left, and Lockwood Community Foundation leaders Fred and LaRue Lemons, right, accept a $10,000 Cooper Phase II check from Winter Skelton, of the CFO.

The Lockwood Community Foundation and Lockwood Public Schools worked to together to raise more than $20,000 for the Lockwood Community Foundation Academic Fund and garnered a $10,000 match from the Harry Cooper Supply Company Campaign for the Ozarks Phase II.

Lockwood superintendent Bill Rogers says reaching out to alumni was integral to the success of their effort. “We sent letters to all known alumni early on,” said Rogers, “and we made sure to write handwritten thank you notes to every person who made a contribution.” In all, 59 donors contributed $20,300 with gifts ranging in size from $5 to $5,000.

Winter Skelton, CFO development operations director, said Lockwood’s grassroots effort exemplifies the spirit of the Rural Schools Partnership program and the Cooper campaign. She added, “What we always hope to see is cooperation between the school and the community at large—cooperation that engages as many people as possible. When this occurs, good things happen!”

Fred Lemons, Lockwood Community Foundation, has shepherded his Foundation’s growth since its inception in 1999. “The entire community has rallied around us,” said Lemons. “So many businesses and caring individuals have made our growth possible.” Lemons is particularly excited that the Lockwood Community Foundation is approaching the $1 million milestone in total assets. “It wouldn’t surprise me if we hit a million by Christmas,” he predicted.