New Major Grant Cycle Deadlines to be Announced After July 1

Watch our website after July 1 for more information about the deadlines and details for the CFO’s major grantmaking cycles for 2010-11.

We’ll post more detailed information about the Metropolitan Springfield Community Grantmaking Program, the Louis L. and Julia Dorothy Coover Charitable Foundation Regional Grantmaking Program and the Coover Charitable Foundation’s Place-Based Education Grants.

Metropolitan Springfield

The upcoming Springfield grantmaking cycle will continue to focus on efforts to address the red flags identified in the “Community Focus 2009: A Report for Springfield and Greene County.” The criteria, however, will be broadened beyond the very specific high-priority issues identified for the 2009-10 grant round.

The 2010-11 challenge grants will focus on the issues of community health, early childhood, housing/accessibility, natural environment, and transportation/public safety. These grants will again be awarded as dollar-for-dollar matches with funds raised by the successful grantees. The emphasis will be on support for successful existing programs facing funding challenges rather than creation of new programs.

Coover Regional Grantmaking

The Coover Regional Grantmaking Program supports new and innovative programs that address regional needs, particularly focusing on efforts to address the effects of rural poverty throughout our region. In 2009, nearly $110,000 was awarded to eight agencies. This program will again be directed primarily toward organizations with regional service areas outside of Springfield-Greene County.

Coover Place-Based Education Grantmaking

In the inaugural year of the Rural School Partnership’s Coover place-based education grants, 11 projects received $175,000 in grant funding in April 2010. These grants, focusing on the RSP’s comprehensive program to strengthen small school districts and rural communities, were supported in partnership with the CFO’s Stewardship Ozarks Initiative.

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