Notes from Donors Launch New Joplin Recovery Website

Lucy and Tae-Jin set up a lemonade stand near their homes in New York City to raise funds for Joplin tornado and Japan tsunami relief efforts.

As we launch a new section of our website dedicated specifically to our involvement in Joplin’s recovery efforts, it seems like an appropriate time to share a sampling of the notes we’ve received with contributions that have come in from nearly all 50 states and several countries.

The new section – – currently includes the list  of Joplin-related funds established at the Community Foundation, donors to the funds, and other information about the role of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks and the Community Foundation of Southwest Missouri, Inc.

As the Joplin-based committee determines the process for distributing these funds, information about future grantmaking opportunities and grant awards will be included.

These excerpts from some of the notes we’ve received show the support and sympathy from those moved to contribute and express their faith in Joplin’s future.

Please accept my small donation for the people of Joplin. May God bless them, give them courage and know that many in our great nation hold them in our hearts and in our prayers.

Sharon, Mass.

This past weekend, my son, Tae-Jin, and his good friend, Lucy, (Kindergarten students at PS 110 in New York, NY), decided to raise money by selling lemonade on the streets of Manhattan to help kinds in both Joplin, Mo, and the country of Japan that were impacted by the recent natural disasters. Please find enclosed a check for $45 which represents half of the money raised from their lemonade sales. They are hoping that the money can be used to help kids in Joplin.

New York, NY

This money was tips I earned playing at a coffee house in Voorhees, N.J., to help in any way needed.


I believe in these hard times if every American or household could make a small contribution for the citizens of the devastated zone of Joplin we will make a stronger “America.”

Caguas, Puerto Rico
(Sent to CNN’s John King, who forwarded to the Joplin Recovery Fund)

People of Joplin – Our hearts and prayers are with you – One Day at a Time!

Mick and Becky

EaglePicher Employee Fund: I hope the community is strengthened by the outreach of others who are able to support them with donations, hands-on assistance and love as lives are rebuilt. May God bless the souls of those who did not live through this tragedy.

Houston, Texas

Since my father didn’t want anything for Father’s Day, I am sending you this check in his name, Jim Johnson, from Willow Springs, MO.

Universal City, Texas

Trees for Joplin! An important goal in the restoration! Happy to participate in my small way.


In lieu of birthday presents for my daughter’s 25th birthday this week, she asked that donations be made to help the people of Joplin.

Emil and Carla
Jupiter, Fla.

At St. Louis County Government, we recently collected funds to aid Joplin tornado victims. Please accept these donations from our employees.

Stephanie Bauer, Public Information Coordinator

City of Joplin: Wish I had more to spare. Maybe the enclosed $5 will buy a box of cereal for a shelter – same tragedy here 5-11-53.

Waco, Texas

(Sent to Ryan Seacrest at “American Idol”)

Dear Ryan: Great show, great season. If you guys are able to do a show in Joplin and Tuscaloosa this summer the people in these cities can certainly use the morale boost and the donations. Contact a couple of my neighbors to see if they will join you – Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen.

Rumson, N.J.

Leggett & Platt Tornado Fund: I have been to Joplin and Carthage and therefore have a bit more of a feel than most people who are seeing the area through the media. In any event, there is no real way to amply express our feelings as to what transpired. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected.

House of Adjustments, Inc.

I am so sorry about the tornado that hit Joplin yesterday. God bless your town – 5-23-11. Love you!

Hobard, Okla.

I am making this donation to the Joplin Recovery Fund in honor of the QI Department at St. Raphael’s Hospital in New Haven, CT. The devastation suffered by the Joplin community is horrible and we will all continue to pray for all of you as you grieve andtry to rebuild and heal.

God Bless,

I recently was widowed – my husband was a wonderful carpenter – wish I had more to give – hope this little amount will help. Thank you for coming to the aid of these families.

Shepherdsville, KY

We trust this contribution will be used to do whatever necessary to restore some normalcy to this area of our country.

Ralph A. Rockow
Exodyne, Phoenix, Ariz.