Oklahoma City Community Foundation Aids Joplin Recovery

We continue to receive wonderful support from our philanthropic colleagues around the region with week’s news that the Oklahoma City Community Foundation is granting $10,000 to the Joplin Recovery Fund.

This grant from the OCCF itself is in addition to a $25,000 donation made on Joplin’s behalf by the Kirkpatrick Family Fund, an affiliated fund of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation that was established by founder John E. Kirkpatrick.

The OCCF also made a grant of $10,000 to Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham for the Alabama Tornado Recovery Fund.

“We are pleased to be able to award grants to help these areas begin to rebuild their communities,” says Nancy B. Anthony, executive director of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. “The Community Support Fund was established to allow our Trustees to respond to catastrophic events such as these devastating tornadoes.”

The CFO is working with several other regional foundations, including the Tulsa Community Foundation, the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and the Southeast Kansas Community Foundation to jointly steer recovery donations through the Joplin Recovery Fund.

“It speaks to the scope of this disaster to see these regional foundations moving outside of their normal geography to aid the residents of Joplin,” CFO President Brian Fogle. “OCCF and their supporters certainly understand the devastation that a tornado can bring to communities and families, and we are so grateful of their kindness to others who are going through the relief and recovery efforts presently.”