Professional Advisors Council

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks has formally established the Professional Advisors Council. The Council, comprised of estate planning, financial and investment professionals, will assist Community Foundation of the Ozarks in increasing the focus on planned charitable giving, as well as provide leadership in promoting future charitable gifts to organizations and communities in the Missouri Ozarks.

The focus of the Council will be to encourage individuals to engage in estate and financial planning. It is the Community Foundation of the Ozarks’ belief that regular and consistent emphasis on planned charitable giving will result in significant future financial support for charitable causes in our communities. The Council will also sponsor professional development and donor education events.

To join the Professional Advisors Council, please complete this form and return it to Winter Kinne.

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Why Professional Advisors Work with Community Foundations?

CFO’s definition of professional advisor: an attorney, accountant, financial advisor, insurance agent, etc. who works with clients on tax and estate planning

It is a win-win-win for the client, professional advisor and community foundation.

  • Funds established at a community foundation save money and often taxes for the client (because CF’s only have an annual administrative fee – no extra/hidden costs).
  • If fund needs to be amended/changed, there is no cost to the client/donor.
  • The relationship saves time, money and expertise for the professional advisor.
  • Clients/donors can set up charitable funds tailored to their goals. Can include family, successors, etc.
  • Help donors discern community needs if desired. Professional advisor may not be expert in this area.
  • CFO has array of planned giving options. Can accept life estates, life insurance, charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities, etc.
  • Community foundations can only manage charitable funds, so we are not “competition” for advisors for individual accounts.
  • For funds above $250,000, the financial institution/advisor can still manage the money, allowing the CFO/affiliate to manage the charitable activity therefore allowing each institution to do what it does best.