Refurbished website offers deeper CFO online experience

As some of you may have already noticed, has undergone some pretty drastic changes this week. We have spent much of the winter working to update our website. The goal: Adhere to more modern web design standards and better reflect our modern branding and aesthetic, while making it easier to find the information our donors, volunteers, an Ozarks nonprofits need to do their amazing work.

A few of the updates include:

A more sophisticated home page. Instead of just a blog, we now feature more donor stories, links to our many programs (like the Rural Schools Partnership, Youth Empowerment Project, and more), opportunities to sign up for newsletters and follow us on social media.

A better donor experience. We still offer quick links to our Donor Central donor portal. But we’ve also enhanced our Donors page to include materials about the CFO and quick links to pages that help make your giving decision easier.

More financial information. 

— A streamlined Grants section. Much of our online traffic consists of agencies seeking grants. To that end, we’ve made the page outli,ning our current grantmaking programs more navigable, and added a “Getting Started” page for those who may not know which rounds are right for them. There is also a grants history page that shows recent grant recipients and the projects that were funded. There is also a new page highlighting opportunities from our 44 regional affiliate foundations covering southern Missouri. We are constantly seeking to make our grants programs more efficient and navigable; please let us know if you have any suggestion for improvement.

Easier donations. In a parallel redesign, we’ve also made our secure donation portal easier to use for donors. Just go to to see what we mean. You’ll find a drop-down menu of our most-donated-to (online) funds; if you don’t see the one you want just click “Other” and type in the name of your program. For nonprofit partners: We’ll soon be sending you a customized link to use that auto-fills your agency’s fund. Stay tuned!

— Coming soon! Look for an events calendar on our home page in coming weeks, which will highlight CFO programs and events you’ll want to know about.

As with any web project, there may be a loose end: If you see an image that’s missing or a link that is broken, please let me know at