Rural Ozarks Health Initiative subject of latest KSMU segment

We’re proud to unveil the most recent Making a Difference Where You Live segment, a partnership between the CFO and KSMU. Compiled and edited by Mike Smith, this program highlights the efforts of the CFO to improve the quality of life in the cities and regions we serve.

This edition highlights the first round of the Rural Ozarks Health Initiative (ROHI). The three-year program is a partnership between the CFO and Missouri Foundation for Health, and will award $150,000 to three communities during the duration of ROHI. Late last year projects in Cassville (in conjunction with Aurora and Mountain View), Monett and Carthage were announced as the ROHI recipients.

This program features an organizer for the Monett proposal, as well as CFO and MFH representatives.

You can listen to the on-air version this afternoon (Feb. 13) at 4:44 p.m. on KSMU, or listen to an extended version of the segment here.

We thank Mike Smith and KSMU for their quality work and continued partnership!