The Grantmakers Challenge for Children

A Cooperative Response to the “Red Flags” of the
Community Focus: A Report for Springfield and Greene County

To see the full final report (PDF format), please click here.

The 2004, 2005, and 2007 Community Focus: A Report for Springfield and Greene County publications clearly illustrated the needs of our children.  Several areas were addressed as “red flags” for our community.  The 2004 report stated, “Overcoming these pressing challenges will ultimately shape the future of Springfield and Greene County.”  These “red flags” included

  • Education systems ill-equipped to educate growing numbers of impoverished children
  • At-risk children lacking access to appropriate health care
  • Domestic instability and its relationship to poverty

The Grantmakers’ Challenge for Children completed its five year effort to address these “pressing challenges” on December 31, 2010.  Participating grantmakers and philanthropists have granted $22,388,993 in local resources for local preventative solutions to targeted children’s issues.  Certainly, existing institutional and volunteer efforts provide countless resources for children, but research in our community clearly indicates that more support is needed.  This infusion of charitable dollars worked to tip the scales in favor of our children’s futures.

A response of this magnitude must be purposeful, and the Grantmakers’ Challenge for Children developed three major intended outcomes:

  1. Marshal local charitable assets in a way that leverages resources and provides for measurable interventions that address community “red flags;”
  2. Heighten public awareness of the threats to many children and their lasting impact on our society at large; and
  3. Demonstrate to other potential donors in our community that they can make a difference by giving back to the community and investing in the future of our children.

The Grantmakers’ Challenge for Children included 35 different organizations, funds, and families.  It is our hope this challenge has brought to the forefront the importance of issues related to children in our region.