Tsunami Relief Funds Presented to Isesaki, Japan Mayor

SSCA Coordinator Cindy Jobe presents a check to Isesaki, Japan Mayor Kiyotaka Igarashi for tsunami relief efforts.

Before we started helping our Joplin neighbors recover from the devastating May tornado, Ozarkers reached out to support the victims of the epic tsunami that struck Japan in March.

Earlier this month, Springfield Sister Cities Association Coordinator Cindy Jobe visited Isesaki for a trip delayed by the tsunami’s aftermath. She presented Mayor Kiyotaka Igarashi with a ceremonial check for more than $54,000 collected through a fund established at the CFO. The money had been wired in several installments after a series of fundraising events along with private contributions.

The goal was to send the money to Isesaki, which was not in the tsunami’s path, with the idea that residents there would know how the funds could best be used.

In a letter to the Community Foundation, Mayor Igarashi expressed his appreciation for the fundraising effort.

“We will use your relief money to help victims and our disaster prevention measures,” Mayor Igarashi wrote. “We will work to regain people’s daily life as soon as possible.

“I am deeply grateful to you and people of Springfield for your kindness,” he wrote.

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