Buffalo Students Celebrate Veterans Day with Help from Placeworks

Last Friday, Buffalo High School students were treated to a rousing Veterans Day assembly, celebrating the men and women in the community who served in the armed forces. The hour-long presentation featured music by the school band and choir, multimedia presentations featuring thank yous to and photos of local vets, and a stirring speech from local veteran James Osborn. The Marine vet shared stories of living in post-WWII Japan and Cold War-era Europe. He talked of the toll it took on citizens in other nations to have “The War Outside their Door,” and extolled the veterans present for allowing Americans the ability to not have war “Outside their Door.” Osborn received a standing ovation from the student body.

Our reason for being there, however, was the unveiling of the most recent Placeworks Arts Initiative project, which we wrote about a couple of weeks ago. With the help of Placeworks teaching artists Kate Baird and Julie Taylor Jones, Matt Brunner’s history class shot and developed a series of portraits of local veterans, some of them majestic and some of them quirky, which were blown up and hung in the halls of the school. Placeworks is a program established by the Rural Schools Partnership and funded by a Coover Place-Based Education grant.

You can download a full-frame slideshow featuring the portraits, by clicking here or the image above. Or you can view smaller versions of the photos below.


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