ABC World News Shines a Spotlight on Leeton

Students inside Leeton's Bulldog Express.

A couple of weeks ago, the current class of Ozarks Teacher Corps members took a trip to Leeton, Missouri, to learn about the place-based projects that the school has implemented, partially with the help of some grants from the Rural Schools Partnership and CFO. Chief among those projects is the Bulldog Express, a student-run store that serves as the only grocer in the small town of about 700 people. You can see photos of our visit here.

But the Ozarks Teacher C0rps were not the only folks visiting Leeton from afar this month; ABC World News with Diane Sawyer als0 came to town as part of their Bringing Back America series. The spotlight was on the store and the students, and the benefits for the town which fell victim to big-box stores in neighboring cities and the flailing economy.

You can watch the store here (sorry, no embed code that we could find). This is a huge spotlight for a town and district that deserve all the praise they can get for their forward-thinking, action-oriented cooperation.