CFO Staff

  • Kimberly Gimlin, Accounting Clerk

    Kimberly Gimlin, Accounting Clerk

    Bridget Dierks

    Bridget Dierks, Vice President of Programs

    Suzy Gray

    Suzy Gray, Chief Financial Officer

    Winter Kinne, Vice President of Development

    Winter Kinne, Vice President of Development

    Aaron Scott

    Aaron Scott, Director of Communications and Marketing

    Kate Starkey

    Kate Starkey

  • Brian Fogle, President

    Beth Hersh

    Beth Hersh, 
    Scholarships Manager

    Louise Knauer

    Louise Knauer, 
    Chief Operating Officer

    Carol Oliver

    Carol Oliver,
    Administrative Coordinator

    Melissa Thompson

    Melissa Thompson, 
    Accounting Assistant

    Portrait of Judy Cantoni

    Judy Cantoni, Eastern Region Manager

    Portrait of Kaleigh Trammell

    Kaleigh Trammell, Grant Program Coordinator

  • Zach Clapper

    Zach Clapper, Manager of Philanthropic Services – Agency Partner Program

    Portrait of Caitlin Golike

    Caitlin Golike, Director of Donor Services

    Portrait of Joe Kammerer

    Joe Kammerer, Central Region Manager

    Julie Leeth

    Julie Leeth,
    Rural Schools and Education Liaison

    Ashley Silva

    Ashley Silva, Director of Regional Engagement

    Portrait of Alice Wingo

    Alice Wingo, Vice President of Affiliates