Carthage Community Foundation


Carthage Community Foundation Board

Contact Information:
Heather Goff Collier, Coordinator
221 W. 4th St., Suite 1A
Carthage, MO 64836
(417) 359-5534


Established May 24, 1999


Board of Directors:

Danny Lambeth, President
Jeff Williams, Vice President
Mariann Morgan, Secretary/Treasurer
Mark Elliff
Delores Honey
Stephanie Howard
Andrew Jordan
Kate Lasley
Kristi Montague
John Nicholas
Eric Putnam
Patrick Scott
Bill Putnam, Advisory Board Member
Stan Schmidt, Advisory Board Member

Total Assets (as of Dec. 31, 2018): $8,048,241


About Carthage Community Foundation

The mission of Carthage Community Foundation (CCF) is to establish permanent endowments that enhance the quality of life for current and future generations by investing in the Carthage community. CCF is governed by a Board of Directors, chosen for their knowledge of the area. Investments are guided by an Investment Committee of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, following a prudent investment policy for long-term endowments. Individuals or organizations looking to give back to the Carthage community now or as a legacy for years to come, may wish to open endowment funds with CCF. CCF currently oversees 70 funds established to improve quality of life in Carthage and Jasper County, and annually grants more than $70,000 to support community organizations and local residents. CCF also proudly supports our agency partners, nonprofit organizations providing many important services for the Carthage area. Donations to our agency partners’ endowment funds help strengthen these organizations for years to come (click the Donate to the Carthage Community Foundation button above).


H.E.R.E. for Carthage

H.E.R.E. 4 Carthage is a Rural Ozark Health Initiative for the Carthage community & its residents. Funded through a three-year grant from Community Foundation of the Ozarks and Missouri Foundation for Health, as well as local match funding from the K.D. and M.L. Steadley Memorial Trust and McCune Brooks Regional Hospital Trust, the goal of H.E.R.E. 4 Carthage is to reduce the obesity rates and redesign Carthage into a healthier city. Through additional education, as well as increasing active lifestyle and healthy eating opportunities in the city, we’ll work together to grow a healthier Carthage! Follow us on Facebook for motivational posts, healthy food tips, links to local races & events and more.


Spring & Fall Community Grant Opportunities

To register and apply online, click here and search to find “Affiliate Grantmaking Program – Carthage.”

Area 501(c)3 organizations or other IRS-approved entities serving the Carthage area may apply for the CCF’s Spring 2019 Community Grant Round beginning on February 15. All applications must be completed and submitted online. Deadline for submission is April 12 at 5 p.m. without exception. In celebration of Carthage Community Foundation’s 20th Anniversary, CCF plans to award $35,000 in grants – a $20,000 first place grant award, $10,000 second place grant award & $5,000 third place grant award.

Guidelines for Spring 2019:

  • CCF has an interest in supporting organizations and projects which enhance the lives of Carthage residents, provide vital community services, and provide innovative solutions for existing and emerging community needs.
  • Grant requests for general operating expenses will not be considered.
  • CCF prefers to fund special projects of a nonrecurring nature.
  • Applications requesting more than $20,000 will not be considered.
  • Organizations must provide a clear and itemized project budget along with the application.
  • Organizations should indicate if the project is scalable, i.e. if request $20,000 for the full project and only $10,000 or $5,000 is granted, can a portion of the project still be successful.
  • Organizations should indicate if matching funds are available (or can be secured in a timely manner) if an award of less than $20,000 is granted.
  • Collaborative projects between more than one qualified organization will be accepted. One organization will need to be designated as the lead and will act as the fiscal agent for the project.
  • Grants received must be spent within one year of receipt.
  • Recipients will be expected to participate in publicity for the grant, as well as provide a detailed follow-up report after one year.

Vivian Leon Fund for the Musical Arts

During this grant period, separate applications will also be taken for the Vivian Leon Fund for the Musical Arts. This application may also be found online (Search for “Vivian Leon”). Eligible applicants are 501(c)3 organizations, schools and colleges that offer classical music programs, with an emphasis on piano performance, to the community and schools in Jasper and Newton Counties. The suggested range for grant proposals is $1,000–$4,000. The deadline to apply is April 12 at 5 p.m. without exception.

Organizations who meet the requirements of both grant opportunities above may apply for both grants, however an organization may only receive one grant award.

Grant announcements are planned for mid-May 2019.

Click here to read Carthage Community Foundation grant application policies.

Give Carthage Day 2019

CCF will host Give Carthage Day on Tuesday, May 7. This special day of online giving and awareness is a platform to help Carthage nonprofit agency partners raise funds for either long-term sustainability funds or specific short-term projects. As in previous years, CCF and the nonprofits will work together to rally the community to #GiveCarthage. Thanks to CCF, the CFO and several generous business sponsors, more than $16,000 in matches and prizes will be available to participating nonprofit agency partners to support the important work they do in Carthage. Visit or contact Heather Collier for more information.


Fall 2018 Community Grants

  • Children’s Haven of SWMO – Case Management for Carthage Children & Families – $2,500
  • Carthage Crisis Center – Kitchen & Communication Updgrade – $2,500
  • Community Clinic of SWMO – Prescription Assistance for Carthage residents – $2,500
  • Diaper Bank of the Ozarks – Diaper Distribution throuh Carthage Salvation Army – $500
  • Fair Acres Family YMCA – Safety around Water Program – $2,500
  • Carthage Family Literacy Council – Kindergarten Diversity Gift – $1,692
  • Carthage Technical Center/Career Readiness Center – ACT Work Keys Testing – $2,500
  • Bright Futures Carthage – Fairview Laundry & Buddy Benches – $2,500
  • Carthage R-9 Foundation – Truman Library Trip for 50 Students – $1,800
  • Joplin Area Habitat for Humanity – Carthage Revitalization Project – $2,500
  • Stone’s Throw Dinner Theatre – Stage Lighting & Sound Upgrades – $2,500
  • Carthage Council on the Arts – Banners for Central Park Concerts – $400
  • Heartland Opera Theatre – Opera Concert in Carthage – $1,615
  • Joplin Regional Medical School – Year 4 of 5-year Commitment – $5,000


Spring 2018 Community Grants

  • Community Clinic – Prescription Drug Assistance for Carthage Residents – $2,500
  • Salvation Army Carthage – Stove for Community Feeding Program – $2,500
  • Carthage Crisis Center – Fork Lift & Training Certificate – $2,500
  • Carthage Tech Center Nursing Program – Scholarships for Books & Equipment Fees – $2,500
  • Carthage Family Literacy Council – Books for 4-year-olds – $2,500
  • Carthage Public Library – Early Literacy Bilingual Computer Station – $2,500
  • Vision Carthage – Carthage In Bloom Irrigation – $2,500
  • Joplin Area Habitat/Carthage Nazarene Church – Carthage Neighborhood Revitalization – $2,500
  • Art Feeds – Mural Project with Students at Carthage Early Childhood Center – $2,500
  • artCentral – 2018 Art Camp – $2,500

2018 Vivian Leon Fund for the Musical Arts Grants

  • ProMusica – Montrose Trio Performance & Education – $4,000
  • Heartland Opera Theatre – Keyboard & Amplifier – $2,100
  • Heartland Concert Band – Tympani – $1,500


In May 2017, the Carthage Community Foundation helped 17 nonprofit agency partners raise more than $54,000 in 24 hours as part of Give Carthage, a part of the CFO's region-wide Give Ozarks Day.

In May 2017, the Carthage Community Foundation helped 17 nonprofit agency partners raise more than $54,000 in 24 hours as part of Give Carthage, a part of the CFO’s region-wide Give Ozarks Day.

Funds and Legacy Society

Existing Funds:

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Organization Fund
artCentral Capacity Fund
Art Feeds Carthage Endowment Fund
Beimdiek Challenge Grant Fund
Bright Futures Carthage Fund
George and Geraldine Beimdiek Memorial Fund
Steve and Mary Jean Beimdiek Family and Community Fund
Richard D. Campbell Family Fund
Carthage Arts Council Fund
City of Carthage Beautification Fund
Carthage Area United Way Legacy Fund
The Carthage Crosslines Fund
Carthage Historic Preservation Society Capacity Building Fund
Carthage Library Development Foundation Endowment Fund
Carthage Literacy Council Capacity Building Fund
Carthage Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
Carthage Council on the Arts Capacity Fund
Carthage Public Library Capacity Fund
Carthage Rotary Scholarship
Carthage Rotary Club Charitable Fund
The Carthage Fund
Carthage Youth Empowerment Project Fund
Carthage Crisis Center, Inc. Capacity Building Fund
Carthage Crisis Center Endowment Fund
Carthage Crisis Center Long Term Operations Fund
Carthage Crisis Center Long Term Repair and Replacement Fund
Carthage Crisis Center, Inc. Repair and Replacement Fund
CCC Short Term Operational Fund
Carthage CF Capacity Building Fund
Carthage Humane Society, Incorporated Fund
Darren and Heather Collier Family Designated Fund
Darren and Heather Collier Family Fund
Colossians 3:17 Fund
The W. Robert Corley Fund
Carthage Public Library Fund
Curtis Rex Carter Applied Science Scholarship Fund
Doris & Ken Johnson Memorial Fund
Earl & Marilyn Nicholas Charitable Fund
Episcopal Youth Group of Carthage Endowment Fund
Fair Acres Family YMCA, Inc. Fund
Freund Charitable Remainder Trust Fund
Gregg and Sheila Galbraith Donor Advised Fund
Guthrie Gilmore Fund
Grace Episcopal Church Endowment Fund
Hall of Carthage Heroes Fund
Heartland Concert Band Carthage Fund
Historic Phelps House Preservation Endowment Fund
The Henrietta Hedge Memorial Fund
Carthage Historic Preservation Fund
Cash Moore Foundation
The Hough Fund
Glenn J. and Mary K. James Designated Fund
Quigley Jasper County Christian Athlete Scholarship Fund
Jasper County Courthouse Capacity Building Fund
Jasper County 1895 Courthouse Preservation Fund
Danny and Mary Pat Lambeth Family Fund
Leggett & Platt, Incorporated Donor Advised Fund
Leggett & Platt, Incorporated Benevolence Fund
L & P Partners Helping Partners Fund
Kenneth and Addean Mac Arthur Trust Fund
Richard T. Mansfield Memorial Fund, a capacity building fund for Grace Episcopal Church
Marsh Family Foundation Food and Nutrition Fund
Marsh Family Foundation Fund
McCune-Brooks Health Care Foundation Fund
Missouri Botanical Garden Fund
Dorthadean Moorman Memorial Fund
Jean S. Morrow and Samuel R. Morrow Jr. Memorial Fund
MSIPC Capacity Building Fund
Earl & Marilyn Nicholas Endowment Fund
Betsy Pauly Memorial Fund
The John O. Phelps and Carolyn B. Phelps Charitable Fund
Marlin and Jean Pinnell Annual Scholarship Fund
Powers Museum Fund
River Street Food Pantry Fund
ROHI Carthage Fund
Danny and Sarah Ross Family and Community Fund
J. Ross and Maryetta E. White Memorial Fund
Dr. W. Russell Smith Family Foundation Fund
St. Luke’s Nursing Center Capacity Building Fund
St. Luke’s Nursing Center Endowment Fund
Patrick and Julia Scott Family and Community Fund
Thelma M. Stanley Scholarship for Education
The Thelma Stanley Jayhawk Scholarship Fund
Stone’s Throw Dinner Theatre Capacity Building Fund
Stone’s Throw Theater Henry Heckert Memorial Endowment Fund
Southwest Baptist University Endowment Fund
SWMO Coalition Against Human Trafficking Fund
The Vivian Leon Fund for the Musical Arts created by the Missouri Southern International Piano Comp.
Mark and Stephanie Williams Family and Community Fund

Legacy Society Members

Kevin & Sandi Checkett
Heather & Darren Collier
Robert & Rebecca Copeland
Frank S. Dunaway, III
Virginia Esterly*
Ed & Tonya Freund Trust
Kenneth Johnson
Don & Gloria LaFerla
Daniel & Mary Pat Lambeth
Samuel R. Morrow, Jr.*
Marilyn R. Nicholas*
Mike, Lee & Emma Pound
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Putnam Jr.
Ruth I. Rubison
Patrick Scott
Dr.* & Mrs.* W. Russell Smith
Jane C. Trogdon
Jeffrey A. Williams


In April 2017, the Carthage Community Foundation was named one of CFO's Affiliates of the Year for the fourth consecutive year.

In April 2017, the Carthage Community Foundation was named one of CFO’s Affiliates of the Year for the fourth consecutive year.

Additional Resources

The K.D. and M.L. Steadley Memorial Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee.


TheThe K.D. and M.L. Steadley Memorial Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee was established in 1959 to support “scientific, education, literary and charitable purposes; including the encouragement of art and the prevention of cruelty to animals.” On occasion, requests for capital support of public parks and playgrounds, as well as requests for outdoor recreation programs, will be considered.

The Trust only supports charitable organizations operating in or near the city of Carthage, Missouri that work to promote the “well being of mankind and the general welfare of the community.”

The application deadlines for the Steadley Memorial Trust are March 15 and November 15. Click below to go to the grant application at the Bank of America Search for Grants website. Just select the “Steadley” option from the first drop-down menu.