Benefits of Partnership

CFO connects Agency Partners to our extensive network of donor advisors by featuring partners in our newsletters, annual report, website, direct donor communications and other outlets. CFO is also committed to assisting our partners with planned giving programs.

The Agency Partners Program provides the following services to members who establish a fund with the Community Foundation of the Ozarks:

• Investment management and technical support
• Endowment building training opportunities
• Leveraged fundraising opportunities
• Exposure to donor network
• Board development
• Educational and marketing materials
• Networking opportunities
• Professional development seminars on a variety of pertinent topics
• Access to CFO’s charitable gift annuity program

Agencies that choose to partner with the Community Foundation of the Ozarks will know they are engaged in a regional effort to enrich and better the lives of people and communities throughout the Ozarks.

For more information on our agency partner program, please contact Zach Clapper, Manager of Nonprofit Services and Agency Partner Program



Capacity Building Funds and Agency Partners

Agency Partners are in the unique position of partnering with Community Foundation of the Ozarks by establishing a Capacity Building Fund. These organizational funds are not permanent funds, but rather allow the agency flexibility in distributions. There are three primary reasons to consider such a fund:

  • Capital campaigns—As your organization raises assets for the purpose of the campaign, the money can be invested in a money market account or in the commingled fund and can be withdrawn either incrementally or in total, when the project or purpose of the campaign has been completed.
  • Reserve—Some groups currently may have reserve funds that they do not need to access in the foreseeable future. Letting these funds grow in a capacity building fund while having total access to all or part of the money at any time, is a plus.
  • Accessibility–The final reason for considering a capacity building fund is simply the desire of the organization to keep assets fluid rather than tying them up in an endowed fund which has a spending policy.

We stand ready to visit with your agency should you have an interest in learning more about how a capacity building fund might benefit your organization.