APSI Continues Arts in Action: The 10 Weeks Festival


The Community Foundation of the Ozarks’ Arts Programming Sustainability Initiative (APSI) is currently facilitating the second “Arts in Action: The 10 Weeks Festival.”  This city-wide collaborative event highlights more than 100 arts events and performances to raise money to establish an arts education endowment and also help children in the Springfield Public Schools through the Care to Learn fund. This year’s event began on March 12 and will run through the Skinny Improv’s performances of Shakespeare in late May and early June. 

Attendees at all events are being asked to donate $1 (or more) per ticket throughout the Festival, with a goal of raising at least $10,000 in 10 Weeks. Donated funds will then be split evenly between the Foundation’s Arts in Education Endowment and the Care to Learn Fund. The arts endowment is designed to give participating arts agencies the opportunity to take programming into the schools; the Care to Learn Fund (with a fund match of 4 to 1) was established to help meet the basic needs of Springfield Public School students.
Overall, the Festival promotes arts organizations working together on this series of events to benefit children and the arts through its mission of sustaining the arts so the arts can help sustain the community.  To date, the “10 Weeks” performances  have raised $7,070.49 for the fund, with many exciting events still to come.  For more information about the Festival or how you can “get in, in 10” visit www.the10weeks.com , or call 864-6199, ext. 14.

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