Better Know a Fund: Family and Community Funds

Establishing a fund with CFO is an effective, efficient and engaging way for donors to pursue their charitable goals, express philanthropic values and involve family members. Family and Community Funds offer donors active vehicles to engage their community.

A Family and Community Fund simplifies charitable giving by allowing donors to make grant recommendations to any nonprofit, tax exempt organization operating for the public good. Family and Community Funds…

  • Can be established with as little as $2,500,
  • Allow online access to Donor Central, an easy way to make grant recommendations and check the fund’s balance
  • Are named funds that can be a special way to honor someone or a cherished memory
  • Assets are managed by CFO’s Investment Advisory Board comprised of experienced professionals.

Whether you want to celebrate someone’s achievement or get the whole family engaged in charitable giving, Family and Community Funds make a great gift and an easy way to give something back to the community.