Cause Momentum Cohort: Month of Momentum

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks has selected 20 agencies to participate in an educational cohort which will participate in a 30 day online crowdfunding campaign to raise money for their agency on Cause Momentum (

All agencies participating in this cohort will create Cause Momentum projects, which will be live April 2 – 30, 2018. Agencies which participate will receive $500 toward social media and marketing costs associated with this fundraising effort. Grants will be provided at the last training, in advance of the April project start dates. Training and promotional expertise will be coordinated in conjunction with Mostly Serious, a local digital firm and the architects of the Cause Momentum website.


Video showing how to create an account and start a project

Mostly Serious marketing presentation from March 1 Cohort-only meeting
(Keynote available upon request) 


Communications plan template (.xcel)

Blog example
Blog template

Press release example
Press release template

How to set up promoted posts/ads on Facebook