Scholarship information for counselors

Welcome Counselors!

You are such an important part of our scholarship process – that we’ve given you your own webpage! Look through the following FAQ; and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact me.  All of us here at CFO sincerely appreciate all you do to facilitate the scholarship process.

Beth Hersh, Scholarship Coordinator; or call 417-864-6199

Q: Seniors who have graduated are calling me; how do they activate their scholarship for payment?
A: The instructions to ‘activate’ their scholarship for payment were included in their Award Letter:  Go to the “Scholarships” main page, scroll down and click on “Activate a Scholarship”  and follow the instructions. They will be linked to an online program, SmarterSelect and complete an Activation Application for scholarship payment.

Q: How are scholarships organized on the CFO website?
A: You can search for scholarships by City,  Medical/Nursing,  Current College Students, and  Special Criteria. If your particular city is NOT listed — go to the CITY listing anyway, and you will note the first drop-down is, “All students in SW MO.”  The scholarships under that listing are available to ALL students living in SW MO – providing they meet the eligibility Criteria.

Q: When will the 2016-17 Scholarship Applications be available?
A: The CFO website will not be fully updated until February 1, 2016.  At that time, Application information will be available for your High School Seniors who will be graduating in Spring 2016, and utilizing the scholarships for their Freshman year of college beginning in Fall 2016. Therefore, all Applications will be dated “2016-17” – because payment is being made for the 2016-17 college academic year.

Until February 1, 2016, information on the website reflects last year’s award amounts and deadlines — both are both subject to change. PLEASE do not use old applications w/ outdated information!

Q: How do I obtain Scholarship Applications for my school?

A: All Scholarship Criteria & Application information will be sent by e-mail ONLY, beginning the first week in February.  Please check to make sure your server will accept email from CFO and/or periodically check your Junk Mail folder.  If you do not receive the Applications in a timely manner, please contact Judith Billings, Scholarship Coordinator  417-864-6199.

Q: When are the DEADLINES for the 2016-17 Scholarship Applications?
A: Please note all scholarship deadline dates are NOT the same! If there is a discrepancy, the due date listed on the website is the correct deadline.

Obviously, you will want to have an earlier due date listed on the applications for your students to return the Applications to YOU, in order to have applications available for the respective Selection Committees in a timely manner.

March 18th is the DEADLINE for Applications. These are for the CFO-Selected Scholarships that are chosen by an appointed Scholarship Committee at the Foundation. All of these applications can either be applied for online or downloaded from the website, and are due in the CFO Office by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 18, 2016. [Midnight for online Applications.]

April 15th is the DEADLINE for Recipient Names. CFO needs to receive your chosen Recipient Name(s) from all other CFO-administered scholarships for your school by this date.

IMPORTANT! We will also need:

  • A copy of all Recipients’ Applications
  • A completed, signed Nomination Form listing all Selection Committee Members, Recipients and all other Applicants’ names.

Q: Do we need to keep all of the Applications for the Scholarships?
A: Yes! By IRS mandate, the Recipients’ applications must be kept on file for seven years, and all other applications for three years. If you are not storing those at your school, CFO can file for you. Please know CFO shreds all outdated documents, yearly.

For additional questions please contact Beth Hersh, Scholarship Coordinator, at or 417-864-6199.