CFO in the News

The work of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks and some of our partners and affiliates have been making news in southern Missouri and beyond in the last week or so. Here are a few of the prime examples:

Seymour is FAMOUS! The Daily Yonder, an Austin, Texas-based blog that showers love on all things rural, picked up our story about the great work of the Greater Seymour Area Foundation, as well as the accompanying video by Brandon Goodwin. You can read the Yonder’s post here. It’s a wonderful showcase for one of the strongest communities around.

Small Towns, Big Accomplishments. Education Week, a national education site, last week  featured not one but two interesting posts by Diette Courrege:

The first story was about the Center for Midwestern Initiatives, which grew out of our own Rural Schools Partnership and is being established in conjunction with the Rural School and Community Trust by former CFO president Gary Funk.

The second report was all about the unprecedented success of the aforementioned Rural Schools Partnership and the funds established and grants distributed for rural schools in southern Missouri.