CFO installs rain garden for Earth Day

The staff at CFO spent an hour Tuesday morning celebrating Earth Day planting plants in the building’s new rain garden. The James River Basin Partnership, the City of Springfield Storm Water Department, and the Missouri Department of Conservation partnered with CFO to create the rain garden.

Runoff water from storms leads to flooding and erosion downstream and also carries pollutants that degrade water quality. Rain gardens are shallow depressions filled with native plants that catch the torrents of storm water. The native plants with their deep roots work to filter pollutants and recharge the groundwater aquifer, making runoff water a resource rather than a downstream problem.

With funding through a grant from Community Foundation of the Ozarks, the James River Basin Partnership has planted several demonstrative rain gardens. The gardens are part of a larger project to increase public awareness of water pollution issues. These efforts encourage environmental stewardship on a personal, house-to-house level.

Feel free to stop by CFO at 425 E. Trafficway to learn more about rain gardens and to check out downtown’s latest “green” feature. More pictures below the fold.

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Staff planting plants

The finished product.

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