Collaboration, camaraderie on Philanthropy Row

This week’s CFO column on the News-Leader’s Community page shines the spotlight on our friends and (literal) neighbors, the Community Partnership of the Ozarks and the United Way of the Ozarks. Along with the CFO, these groups make up what we refer to as “Philanthropy Row” near the intersection of Trafficway and Jefferson in Downtown Springfield.

The three organizations – which have different, yet often overlapping, missions – work closely together on a number of initiatives. Occasionally one group will grant to or help further the mission of the another. Our employees share quarterly potlucks and, occasionally, parking lots and meeting rooms. All in the name of community betterment.

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The CFO’s column runs every Tuesday, in rotation with other organizations on the News-Leader’s Community page, which is published daily. We appreciate this opportunity to share our work with News-Leader readers across the region.