Community Center Students Collect Pennies While Learning about Philanthropy


The Ozarks Literacy Council (OLC) provides programming each Monday for the children at the Springfield Community Center through its “Books Come Alive” program. This program is designed to introduce the students to books, potential careers, and positive role models from the community.  This year’s project has focused the first semester on philanthropy. This theme has involved presentations about the importance of charity and why and how groups in the community raise funds for different causes.  As part of this theme, students visited CFO to learn about ways we assist in philanthropy.  Randy Russell gave the students a tour of the CFO offices and explained the ways CFO assists philanthropic efforts in the Ozarks.

These students have collected pennies through a penny drive at the Springfield Community Center. Plastic bags filled with pennies hang from a clothes line at the Springfield Community Center; each bag represents a child and holds the number representing how many pennies he/she has donated to the project. Besides bringing in pennies from home, the children have had the opportunity to earn pennies at the Community Center by completing homework, doing something kind for a friend, and through a scavenger hunt coordinated by Roz Thomas, of the Family Literacy Center, at the Community Center.

On December 21, 2009, the children will vote on what organization they would like to donate the approximately $50 in pennies they have collected.

Pictured: CFO Senior Program Officer Randy Russell speaks with Community Center students about CFO’s philanthropic role in the community.

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