Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is comprised of donors who have made a planned gift to the Community Foundation of the Ozarks or one of its affiliates. The Legacy Society was created in 1990 to recognize and thank donors in their lifetimes and to offer the opportunity to introduce ourselves and learn more about the donor’s philanthropic wishes.

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks continues to  focus on the importance of expanding our planned giving commitments. In 2013 the CFO, along with other state members of the Missouri Alliance of Community Foundations, commissioned the Missouri Transfer of Wealth Study, funded in part by a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture. The mission was to put a number to the wealth in our Ozarks counties, and the findings were astounding. You can learn much more about this study, and the impact you can have by considering leaving 5% estate gift to your local community foundation, at our Transfer of Wealth home page.

For more information, contact Winter Kinne at wkinne@cfozarks.org or (417) 864-6199.

  • Legacy Society – Springfield

    Mrs. Oscar Acton*
    Jennifer Ailor
    Jim & Janet Anderson
    Nancy Aton
    Sally A. Baird
    Jo & Jon Baker
    Paul O. Barker
    Dan C. Beckner and Zoann Beckner
    Dr.* & Mrs. Don Beisner
    Vencil J. Bixler and Frances B. Bixler
    Joyce Blades
    Charlotte Bostwick*
    Dr. & Mrs. William V. Brell
    John* & Barbara Brockschmidt
    Bart Brown & Doug Hutchcraft
    Julie T. Brown
    Mary E. Brunner
    Mr.* & Mrs. Jerome A. Caplan
    Thomas J. Carlson
    Robert & Margaret Carolla
           – Robert L. Carolla and Margaret Bess Carolla
             Charitable Remainder Trust
    Ken Carter
    Karen & Larry Catt
    Michael Chatman
    Alys L. Clevenger*
    Mr. & Mrs. Ashley E. Coats
    James Leon & Dorothy Combs
    Harry Cooper
    John Cooper
    Mr. & Mrs. John Courtney
    Mr. and Mrs. Cribbs*
    Mel & Berta* Davis
    Bill and Pat Delano
    Anne Drummond*
    Charles T. Dulin
    Harry and Betty Ebe
    Elwyn and Blanche Edge*
    William C. & Dorothy L. Evers
    Tom Finnie
    Fern Freese*
    Norene Fronabarger
    Gary and Jana Funk
    Gloria J. Galanes
    JW and Kirsten Gibbs
    Gene Grady*
    Stephen and Susanne Gray
    Dr. Kathleen Griesemer
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gunter
    Chet* & Vera Hardin
    Walter and Melissa Heinle
    Susie Henry
    Ray & Kay Hilton*
    Thomas L. Hornbuckle
    Sally L. Hubbard
    Mr. & Mrs. Larry Humphrey
    Dr. James E. Jameson
    Dr. Charles & Connie Jobe
    Carol Jones
    Mimi Kauffman
    Dr. & Mrs. Houston C. Ker
    Betty H. King*
    Louise Knauer
    Keith & Randy LaFerriere
    Bruce & Julie Leeth
    Rev. (Dr.) Dorsey E. Levell
    Mrs. Emil Lorz
    Mr. & Mrs. Robbie Low
    Harold H. Lurie, M.D.
    Jack Willard Magness
    Ervin and Eleanor Maiefski
    E. A. Martin, Jr.*
    Mr. & Mrs. Don Martin, Sr.
    Mr. & Mrs. John W. Martin
    Mr. & Mrs. Roy D. Mitchell
    Lahna Mueller
    Lawrence P. Mueller
    Mr. & Mrs. Max Murphy
    Ken and Linda Neale
    Mark & Lori Nelson
    Ron A. Neville
    Doug & Rae Nickell
    David & Lisa Officer
    Ronald A. & Karen E. Ollis
    Charlie & Mary Beth O’Reilly
    Dr. Nancy D. O’Reilly
    Todd & Betty Parnell
    Leslie Peck
    Tom & Jami Peebles
    Dr.* & Mrs. Burl Z. Pfander
    Mr.* & Mrs. G. Clair Plank
    Mr. & Mrs. Arl W. Poindexter, Jr.
    Ronald Ponds
    B. G. & Marie C. Prater
    Tom & Kimberley Prater
    Cathy & Alex Primm
    Linda Ramey-Greiwe
    Clark & Collene Rand
    Louise Randolph*
    Mr. & Mrs. Herschel Reed
    Paul & Carol Reinert
    Jill & Brad Reynolds
    Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Rice, Jr.
    Mr. & Mrs. Arlie Rogers
    Ida Rolf*
    Randy Russell
    Elizabeth A. Schatz
    Steve Schneider Jr.
    Stephen and Helen Sedora*
    Mary Ann Sharp
    Ashley and Jordan Silva
    Brenda Sims

    Clif & Gail Smart
    Edna Smith
    Howard and Betty Spain for Terri K. Spain
    Andrew R. Spencer

    Neil & Beverly Stenger
    Harold & Helen Stoneman*
    Henry Straus*
    Geneva Stuetzer*
    Dr. William & Maura Taylor
    D. Virginia Thomas
    Doug Thornsberry
    David* & Jeanne Toombs
    Kathleen A. Travers
    James Earl & Candace M. Trogolo
    Dr. and Mrs. Yates Trotter
    John and Jean Twitty
    Mrs. Bryan M. Van Hook
    Wanda L. Van Ness & Velma Meals
    Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Waight
    Pat Walker
    Mr. Jerry Watley
    Ella Wetherel*
    William T. White*
    Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Wilkins
    Alice and Ronald Wingo
    Glen Wisdom*
    Betty Young
    Tab and Cynthia Zuch

    Stand Up for the Arts

    Rob Baird & Sally A. Baird
    David & Susan Belcher
    Roseann Bentley
    William Brandon Bowman
    Katie Cornwell
    Beth Domann
    Vickie Giesen
    Gloria J. Galanes
    Jan Horton
    Leah Hamilton
    Morey Mechlin
    Derek R. Munson
    Jane Munson-Berg
    Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Debra Russo
    Ron Spigelman-Springfield Symphony
    Rosalie O’Reilly Wooten

    * Deceased

  • Alton Community Foundation

    Ron and Sheila Dethrow Campbell
    Brenda Ledgerwood

    Aurora Area Community Foundation

    Brian and Renee Fogle
    Randy and Melissa Howard
    Jack and Cyndy Muench

    Barton County Community Foundation

    Nancy Curless
    Bob and Judy Rice

    Bolivar Area Community Foundation

    Price Baker Walden
    James A. York

    Carthage Community Foundation

    Kevin & Sandi Checkett
    Heather and Darren Collier
    Robert & Rebecca Copeland
    Frank S. Dunaway, III
    Virginia Esterly*
    Ed* & Tonya Freund Trust
    Kenneth Johnson
    Don & Gloria LaFerla
    Daniel & Mary Pat Lambeth
    Samuel R. Morrow, Jr.*
    Marilyn R. Nicholas*
    Mike, Lee and Emma Pound
    Mr. & Mrs. William C. Putnam
    Ruth I. Rubison
    Patrick Scott
    Dr.* and Mrs.* W. Russell Smith
    Jane C. Trogdon
    Jeffrey A. Williams

    Cassville Community Foundation

    Donald L. and Mary B. Cupps
    Chad Johnson
    Katherine Rose

    Crawford County Foundation

    Doug and Kathy Lasley
    Doug and Shirley Rutz

    DACO Community Foundation 

    Silvester Leonard
    Randy & Renee Meents

    Douglas County Community Foundation

    Janice C. Lorrain

    Finley River Community Foundation

    Dr. Cindy Baker
    Jackie Barger
    Margie Beadles
    Brian Cathey
    Carole Collins
    Elise Crain
    Janis Creek
    Susan Haralson
    Mary Teresa Hedgpeth
    Patty Johns
    Joseph L. LaBarge, Jr.
    Matt & Nichole Lemmon
    Karen Miller
    Randy Mitchum
    John Nixon
    Mark & Sarah Orr
    Kathryn Owens
    Bill & Debbie Phillips
    Dale & Rachel Robertson
    Tom & Patti Tobin
    John Torgerson
    Mark Woods

    Community Foundation of the Hermann Area, Inc.

    Don Kraettli
    Lois Puchta

    Houston Community Foundation

    Andy & Bridget Dierks

    Joplin Regional Community Foundation

    Michelle Ducre
    Lisa Knutzen
    Steve Lawver (Carl Junction Community Center)
    Ann Leach
    Marty and Lori Smith

    Community Foundation of the Lake

    Janice Gentile
    Rick and Jane Kruse
    Mitchell Mills
    Marvin B. Silliman

    Marshfield Area Community Foundation

    Caroline Ames
    Jean Benzen and Mike Benzen
    Adam Blanch
    John Dickey
    Ann Foster
    Robert Foster
    Steve and Harriett Freeman
    Barbara Herren
    Anita Hunter
    Nicholas W. Inman
    Joy Johnson
    L. Fay King

    Meramec Regional Community Foundation

    Shawn and Maria Bancroft
    Richard and Jeanne Cavender
    Lucia Flaim
    Dr. Virgie Cole-Mahan & Mike Mahan
    Stephen and Joanne Zap

    Monett Area Community Foundation

    Mark Brownsberger
    Gloria June Curbow*
    Patricia W. Hall
    Mark Nelson

    Mt. Vernon Area Community Foundation

    John L. Hayes & Suzanne M. Sickles
    Winter S. Kinne

    Mtn. Grove Area Community Foundation


    Nixa Community Foundation

    Mitch Callicott
    Mr. and Mrs. Jess Graham*
    Sharon Whitehill
    Paul W. Johns
    Jane Kennon
    Betty Ann Rogers*
    Mark Sellenriek
    Chris and Regina Thomas
    Marc Truby

    Ozark County Community Foundation

    Margo Murray
    David & Michelle Pointer

    Ozark Foothills Regional Community Foundation

    Felicity Ray

    Republic Community Foundation

    Joshua & Faith Mathews
    John L. Hayes & Suzanne M. Sickles
    Jane Gray Smith

    Greater Seymour Area Foundation

    Gary L. Childress and Donna A. Childress
    Ron Giedd

    Stockton Community Foundation

    Alisa Bough
    Marilyn & Donnie Ellis
    Gary & Jana Funk
    William Jenkins
    Peter Lee
    Brian & Kim Hammons
    Kathie & Larry Rieder

    Table Rock Lake Community Foundation

    Nita Jane Ayres
    Jack & Sherry Herschend
    John and Connie Johnson

    Taney County Community Foundation

    Iva M. Awberry*
    James & Margie King Berry
    William & Sylvia Cornette
    LaVaughn M. Fuqua-Mathiesen
    Doug and Gina Jordan

    Truman Lake Community Foundation

    Berry & Judy Beebe
    John* & Betty Brecht
    Bryan Himes
    J.C. Smith
    Douglas and Sandra Thomason
    Robert S. Wheeler

    Community Foundation of West Plains, Inc.

    Richard & Carol Silvey
    Gene and Marcy Weinbeck

    Valle Schools, Ste. Genevieve, Mo.

    Mildred & Leona Hoffman

    * Deceased