Types of Funds

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks is committed to assisting donors with the establishment of funds that meet a wide variety of charitable purposes. Foundation staff members take great pride in their ability to work with donors in crafting fund documents that are purposeful and appropriate.

A fund may be established within the Community Foundation of the Ozarks by an individual, a family, a corporation or an organization. Individuals establish funds by bequest or during their lifetime.

For more information, contact Winter Kinne at wkinne@cfozarks.org or (417) 864-6199.

Curious about the concept of “bunching” your charitable contributions in light of recent tax law changes? Here’s some information. 

Traditional Donor Advised Funds

All monies placed in this fund will be considered principal and will not be touched, as this is a traditional endowment fund. Four percent of the fund’s balance will be available for grants each year into perpetuity. This fund will be invested in our fully diversified asset allocation.

Flexible Donor Advised Fund

This endowment fund must maintain a $25,000 balance into perpetuity. All monies above that would be available for grants. This fund will be invested in our fully diversified asset allocation.

Family and Community Fund

This fund is not endowed. Once it reaches $2,500, it may be spent down to a zero balance through grantmaking. This fund may be invested in our fully diversified asset allocation or our cash account, currently earning .85 percent.

Designated Fund

This type of endowment is designated to support a specific program, organization or institution. The fund will grant to the donor’s designated charity or charities. It will be invested in the fully diversified asset allocation.

Scholarship Fund

A type of designated fund that provides donors, organizations, universities or companies the opportunity to offer financial support to students. Scholarship funds are endowment funds that must reach the $15,000 level.

Field of Interest Fund

This fund is designated to grant to any number of organizations within a particular charitable field or sector such as education, arts, human services, etc. It provides some flexibility to meet emerging needs of an interest area in the future. This fund, too, is invested in the diversified asset allocation.

While the Community Foundation stands ready to provide general information about ways of giving and types of funds, each individual should consult his or her tax adviser or attorney for specific information. We are pleased to work with local attorneys, accountants and financial advisers to meet donor needs and interests.