Dr. Johan Mostert YEP Conference Keynote Available Online

Johan Mostert, CFO Speaker Drury U from CF Ozarks on Vimeo.

Dr. Johan Mostert’s keynote address, which was given at the 2010 Youth Philanthropy Conference on October 14th, is available to watch online.  Dr. Mostert’s talk to Ozarks students focused on the importance of becoming social entrepreneurs by finding and addressing community needs in each small town. The conference drew together nearly 200 students and advisers involved in the CFO’s 31 Youth Empowerment Project chapters.

“Philanthropy is a love, it’s a commitment to humanity,” said Dr. Mostert, who was introduced by CFO President Brian Fogle.  “It is a sense of ‘I am here for the rest of the world.  I’m taking my life and I’m investing it to make it better for other people’.”

Dr. Mostert holds multiple graduate and terminal degrees and is currently a Professor of Community Psychology at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.

“I want you challenge you to be social entrepreneurs,” Dr. Mostert said.  “Make a magnificent difference in the communities that you’re privileged to live in.”