Featured Affiliate: El Dorado Springs Community Foundation

El Dorado Springs Community Foundation was founded in 2001. Currently, the El Dorado Springs Community Foundation’s market value is near $225,000 and during the past five years this foundation has provided $117,000 in grant funds to the local community with a goal of having $20,000 each year for local grants.El Dorado Springs Community Foundation currently has five board members. This board’s role has been more of an education role rather than fundraising. They sent letters introducing the foundation to a select group of community members and have sponsored banquets to announce grant recipients and to provide information about the foundation. Currently the El Dorado Springs Community Foundation has joined with the Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Banquet to announce grant recipients and provide additional information about the El Dorado Springs Foundation. The foundation currently has 14 funds.

“After 5 years we still feel new in this venture—we still feel like we have much to learn about building funds for our community, but we are nearly one quarter of a million dollars ahead of where we were when we started plus we have provided $117,000 for the enrichment of our community during that time,” President Kay Forest said. “We are proud of our successes and are confident that the next five years will be even more prosperous for us.”

Matching funds have been a motivator for the El Dorado Springs community. “Community Foundation of the Ozarks has provided matching funds which has been enormous in its power to leverage money,” Forest said. El Dorado Springs Community Foundation has also had employers match contributions made by employees which resulted in $3,000 becoming $9,000 when the employers of both spouses matched their charitable contributions.

“Certainly, Gary Funk and his staff at the Community Foundation of the Ozarks are the wind beneath our wings,” Forest said. “CFO resources represent the key in the development and growth of our regional community foundations. We can’t imagine that many rural communities would have discovered the benefits of this philanthropic opportunity if not for the vision of Gary Funk.”