Final “Making a Difference Where You Live” recaps inaugural Give Ozarks experience

We’re thrilled to share the fourth and final installment of this year’s “Making a Difference Where You Live” series, by KSMU’s Mike Smith. This year’s series focused entirely on the inaugural Give Ozarks Day, held on May 5, which raised more than $1 million for noprofits across the region.

Smith’s work included the conceptualization of the day on CFO’s end, the intensive training and work on the part of participating agencies, and of course the fun and chaos of the day itself and its aftermath. We appreciate Smith, and KSMU, devoting so much time and energy over the last year to helping make the day a success, and informing the public of its purpose.

You can listen to the most recent installment here. Click below for previous installments, which ran from late March through today.

First installment (March 31)

Second installment (April 21)

Third installment (May 4)

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