Finley River Reception Links Donors and Scholarship Recipients

Front Row (left to right): Neal Grubaugh, Jeanette Doran, Rachel Robertson, Bill Hanks, and Karen Miller. Back Row (left to right): Alexandria Robertson, Elizabeth Robison, Lauren Capps, Caitlin Stratton, Paige McCammon, Carrie Olson, and Margie Beadles

The Finley River Community Foundation hosted a successful first-time reception for its local scholarship recipients at the Ozark High School library earlier this week.

The dessert reception gave donors the opportunity to meet the scholarship recipients in a more informal atmosphere. The Finley River Community Foundation granted $13,800 in scholarships to Ozark High School students this year.

Finley River Board members (left to right): Karen Miller, Rachel Robertson, Susan Haralson, John Torgerson, Mark Woods, Margie Beadles, Cindy Baker, and President Sarah Orr