Five Cause Momentum Projects Currently Seeking Funding

cause_momentum_logo_stacked_cmykIt’s been a busy winter for the CFO’s Cause Momentum crowdfunding platform. In addition to helping the Springfield Art Museum reach its goal of bringing George Caleb Bingham’s portrait of L.A.D. Crenshaw home to Springfield, which wrapped in December, five different agencies have also decided to use the platform to help fund specific needs. These initiatives are, more often than not, fun projects that the public–in addition to the agencies’ clients–will be able to enjoy. Please donate if you can, and if not, pass along to your friends and share online to spread the word.

The five current projects–several of which are in the final push toward funding–are:

Home for the Holidays: Rebuild Joplin is seeking $30,000 to help put a Joplin-area family back in permanent housing, more than two and a half years after the EF-5 tornado that ripped through town. They have currently funded more than 80 percent of the project, with only about six days remaining. Can you help them reach their goal?

Ozarks Beatlemania! The Beatles Meet the Ozarks: Fifty years ago this year, the Fab Four took a break from their whirlwind first U.S. tour to spend a couple of days relaxing at Pigman Ranch, near Alton, Mo., in Oregon County. To commemorate the visit, which looms large in local lore, the Alton Community Foundation is trying to fund a professional documentary, which will tell the story those who recall the events. With nine days left they’ve funded $1,200 of the $5,000 goal. Share with your friends and make sure the Beatles’ connection to the Ozarks becomes widespread knowledge!

CPR Mannequins: Clarity Wellness & Recovery (formerly Sigma House) needs new CPR mannequins for staff and volunteer training. It’s only $500, and the goal is well within reach (more than $300 funded). Help save lives!

Storm Drain Reveal 2014: The James River Basin Partnership needs $2,500 to provide materials and artists stipends, as well as promotion, for its 2014 storm drain painting contest. This is a high-profile public project that all can enjoy. Can you help fund the cause?

Boots Inside = Kids Outside: Last but not least, our newest project is the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks need for two new boot sheds, which will house wading boots for kids who take part in the Watershed’s outdoor cleanup days and educational tours. Five hundred dollars will fund a full shed, and help countless kids learn important lessons of conservation.

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