Grantmakers’ Challenge for Children Begins Final Year

The Grantmakers’ Challenge for Children begins its final year of a five-year challenge this fall.  This challenge was created as a direct response to the Community Focus Reports in 2004 and 2005, which stated that overcoming the pressing challenges related to the needs of our children would shape the future of Springfield and Greene County.  Red flag issues addressed in the Reports suggested there were three main community needs with relation to children in the Springfield area:  Education systems ill equipped to educate the growing numbers of impoverished children, at risk children lacking appropriate health care, and domestic instability and poverty in the home.

The Grantmakers’ Challenge is a collaboration of organizations and families in the Ozarks which works to address these community needs with targeted grantmaking.  At this time, nearly $17.1 million from 34 different organizations and families has been granted or pledged to organizations which address these problems.  These gifts, which address the three red flags outlined in the 2004 Community Report Card, are a testament to the positive community action which occurs in Springfield by thoughtful donors and organizations.

We look forward to this final year of the Challenge.  To learn more about the Challenge and its 34 partners, please click here…