Grantmakers’ Challenge for Children Update

The Grantmakers’ Challenge for Children has reached nearly $12 million in pledges and grants to address issues involving children in need during the first quarter of the 2009 fiscal year.  This challenge begins its fourth year of a five-year commitment.  At this time, 32 families and organizations have made commitments to help eradicate threats to children in Springfield and Greene County. 

The Grantmakers’ Challenge for Children has three major intended outcomes:

  • To marshal local charitable assets in a way that leverages resources and provides measurable evidence that community “red flags” are being addressed;
  • To heighten public awareness of the threats to many children and their lasting impact on our society at large; and
  • To demonstrate to other potential donors in our community that they can make a difference by giving back to the community and investing in the future of our children.

To see the latest report (pdf format), please follow this link…

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