Happy Giving Tuesday!

It seems like we’ve had a special, seasonal “day” each day since last Wednesday (Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Shop Local Saturday, Four-Hour-Nap Sunday, Cyber Monday…), so we see no reason not to keep the trend going for one more day.

As chronicled in a story yesterday from NPR, nonprofits around the country are making a push for today – the Tuesday after Thanksgiving – to become a new tradition: Giving Tuesday, a day in which we take a break from our season of stuff-buying and give back to an agency or individuals who need a shot in the arm, especially around the holidays.

Here’s a link to the story. If you feel compelled to give and don’t have a specific agency in mind, take a spin through our list of partner agencies. You can donate to any of our Agency Partners at our donations page, just be sure to enter the name of the organization in the “Fund/Program” field during the donation process.

And be sure to pass this message on! It may not be 70 percent off a DVD collection you’ve seen 20 times, but we can promise it’ll be the most satisfying day of the week.


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