IRA Rollover Benefits, Giving Methods for the Final Week of 2011

We are in the midst of what is often the called the “Giving Season.” December and the holidays often bring out the best in people’s philanthropic tendencies (altruism and tax breaks are behind this seasonal phenomenon!). It is important for your organization to take advantage of this by sending out solicitations to support your school foundation or community foundation.

A very good tool for giving is the IRA Rollover opportunity, available to donors age 70-and-a-half and older, who have an IRA account. Eligible donors may donate up to $100,000 annually from their IRA to any charitable organization. Small gifts are permissible, too; and you should note that many people have the ability to make gifts in the $500 to $5,000 range from their IRAs.

Click here to download a PDF of our helpful IRA Rollover brochure.

Click here for some more specifics on IRA rollovers, the current provisions for which are effective through December 31, 2011.

Also, with December 31 fast approaching, many donors are making contributions to funds or favorite agencies before the end of the calendar year. If you choose to contribute to a fund managed by CFO, you can do so online via our donations portal (PLEASE LIST THE NAME OF YOUR FUND OR AGENCY IN THE DESCRIPTION FIELD WHEN YOU GET TO IT), or you can call our offices at (417) 864-6199. If you choose to mail a check to CFO (P.O. Box 8960, Springfield MO, 65801), be advised that it must be POSTMARKED no later than December 31, 2011.

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